Football News: investment cap reduced to 300 million, to reduce the pressure for under-paid CSL clubs share reform

2022-06-24 0 By

In view of the upcoming 2022 version of “Chinese Super League (CSL) club financial agreed indicators”, “Football News” issued a statement to evaluate the policy for the Chinese Super League (CSL) clubs brought positive impact.The new salary limit will further reduce the salary of Chinese players, from 5 million RMB to 3 million RMB before tax.The salary of foreign aid was further reduced from 3 million euros before tax to 2 million euros before tax.Third party contracts with economic value should still exist, but enforcement standards and vetting standards will certainly be stricter.Football newspaper believes that the salary limit is inevitable, but can it fundamentally solve the problems of all clubs?Obviously, it can’t be done forever.In reality, further salary restrictions may be a way to save money, but Chinese football clearly needs not only to save money, but also to open up.For example, once home and away is restored, or still not restored, how to do business development?Can we give more independent business development and management rights to each club and provide more space for the club to create economic value with its own geographical strength?In addition, in this year’s new regulations, the investment limit of CSL clubs has been increased from 600 million yuan to 300 million yuan.The soccer News believes that the cap will be a relief for the major clubs that are underpaid, and will reduce the investment pressure on state-owned investors waiting for the share reform.(Nanling Crying)