Camel bells, Euphrates poplar, the other side of the Coco Toi Sea

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The lyrics say, “sweetheart, I am waiting for you in Coco Tohai.” But now, Coco tohai is watching in the northwest, waiting for everyone who has her in his heart to come.Keketuohai is the pride of the Chinese people and the land of the exploits of the Chinese people.To the cocoa sea geological park, here is a beautiful valley heyuan, marsh wetland landscape, cold pole lake scenery, geological mineral resources such as natural scenery as a whole, western grassland nomadic culture, folk customs, folk cultural landscape, such as regional characteristic in large granite geological landscape and natural scenery of the canyon scenic spot,Take the district bus along the way to enjoy the rich turtle stone, birch forest, husband and wife trees, stone gate and other scenic spots, but also visit the altai Mountain landmark – God Zhong Mountain.The garden of the gods.Kanas is the most beautiful lake in China, kanas scenic area can be summarized by “one mountain, two lakes, three bays, four fans and five unique” : the territory of our great motherland is compared to a cock that crows, kanas is the cock’s brilliant tail high up.Here is the only Swiss scenery in Asia: it is the only gathering place of the Tuvan, the Mongolian ethnic group in China;It is the only natural extension of the Southern Siberian Tegarin in China;Here is China’s only river into the Arctic Ocean – the Irtysh River;The old Erdesh here is the only person in the world who can play triple chords in sur.Hemu village, natural and primitive mountain scenery.Hemu River with unique beautiful scenery flows from northeast to southwest, the original village and the prairie harmonious integration of nature.When we came to Hemu Village, the first thing we saw was the wooden houses and herds of herds, which formed a unique natural and cultural landscape with snow peaks, forests, grasslands, blue sky and white clouds.June and September are the most beautiful season of grass, grass in June, colorful wildflowers, blue sky and white clouds, snow peaks and clear water, wooden houses and jungle, together form the world in early summer.In September, the grass leaves turned golden, and the overlapping of sky blue, water clear and mountain yellow formed a most beautiful pastoral picture.Desert Populus euphratica, three thousand years of growth, wandering in the world.Populus euphratica forest is a great creation of nature, into the forest area a kind of primitive breath blows on the face, will let you feel a kind of primitive life rhythm, populus euphratica has “born for a thousand years not to die, dead for a thousand years not to fall, but for a thousand years immortal”, is the miracle of life.For thousands of years, Populus euphratica resolutely guard in the border of the desert, watch the wind and sand.Populus euphratica is also known as the “patron saint of the desert”.When you come to Xinjiang, the most important thing you can’t miss is tianshan Tianchi, the place called Yao Pool. Tianshan Tianchi is also the prototype of Yao Pool in many myths and legends.Tianshan Tianchi mountain lake as the center, snow peak reflection, spruce surrounded, clear water like a mirror, picturesque scenery.Can visit tianchi fantastic eight scenes: Shimen line, Longtan Biyue, east small Tianchi, Dinghai Magic needle, sky mirror floating, Nanshan Snow, Xishan pine, hanging waterfall.Watching the snow peak reflected, the lake clear green beauty of the world, there is a feeling of returning to the mountains and forests.Suspending waterfall: End moraine dam of the glacier in the northeast downstream of The Suspending waterfall was equipped with artificial floodgate, which led to the waterfall.Tianjing Floating In the Sky: Tianjing floating in the sky is the Lake of The Great Tianchi Lake. It is 1,910 meters above sea level and half moon shaped like a gourd with its head south and body north. The Sangong River in its southern section is the handle of the gourd.The tourists stood on the tianchi moraine dam and looked south at Bogda Snow Mountain, but saw “snow in the distance and pine near, wild flowers like green and red.Lakeshanguan splash-ink painting, spring, summer, autumn and winter.West Mountain view pine: the west side of Tianchi mountain is relatively moderate and located in the shady slope, the slope composed of moraine and debris flow is relatively loose, good water storage conditions, especially suitable for the growth of trees.Spruce forest here even the peak continued ling, thick shade covered the sun, is the best place to travel.To the United States of Xinjiang, travel desert scenery, taste western customs;There are vast grasslands, beautiful Tianchi, and the mysterious legend of the beautiful Kanas.The fruits are fragrant here, and the people are warm and kind.This is Xinjiang, a paradise full of exotic customs.