Bayern Munich’s 1-1 draw with Salzburg in the Champions League was a shock

2022-06-24 0 By

The champions league on unpopular, bayern away at salzburg red bull, drew the game, bayern came close to losing the actually, bayern Munich’s squad many problems now, you can see the last two league games – a team is real level, three other DCS system really failed, but it should be a cause of the game a drawFortunately, the second game is not until March, by which time the squad might be ready.Take a quick look at the game.Three DCS system, the main reason is that now bayern have no central defender bayern can’t three central defenders, now play at least three DCS system bayern coach did not succeed, the game still exposed the defender, bayern Munich central defender, actually from boateng left, the core of this team defender is stable, le now turn speed is too slow,And he now is really not suitable for a centre-back, hernandez actually most recent state is very general, play three central defender pawar, the speed is too slow, this bayern team squad now, basically buy central defender is to play back four, because there is no buy players can play three central defenders, injured Davis had a great influence on this team,A lot of people think the defense has been a problem lately, but have you ever thought that Davis’ speed will also help the central defense.That’s the point, but now the question is, what if the combination of Upamecano and Jueller is a losing combination?Fortunately, the next champions League knockout game is in March.Bayern may need to adjust their defensive strategy a bit, as without Neuer, the team’s shortcomings at the back are all too apparent.Without Gretzka, how to solve the midfield defense problem?Bayern Munich midfielder question too obvious, there is no defensive midfielder, although the game still USES two midfielder, but the neat indeed poor defensive ability, this is another weakness of bayern Munich, in addition to kimi and card, the combination, in addition the midfield combination of defense is a problem, but the card looks, the season may submit an expense account,What about this position?Now two choices, or the use of the young, or make some players in the league to play more in midfield, sabe policy more midfield, for example, or try to make library play defensive midfielders, only such, squeaky, or suitable to play attacking midfielder, but sabe strategy are similar position, so the defence and midfield need to change the way of thinking, but bayern Munich in the league and advantage,Can try more, but the three central defenders really can’t play, juler may need a rest, but it doesn’t seem like there are any good central defenders who can take him off.If it’s behind the lai wan to a parallel position four attacking midfielder, so sure someone cannot play bayern should two consecutive in this line of thought, as if is performance in general, after all, he is a velocity detonation point, at the foot of technology in general, Ronald koeman play in the champions league to use, after all, his speed and impact in the champions league is especially have advantages,To know bayern the key of the recent champions league game, Ronald koeman are basically can key goals scored, but the parallel position within and muller there is always a person will play is not good, not technology, at the foot of lai wan just play the game, or the team there is no way to create a good pass, the overall look, now of the bayern Munich midfielder and central defender need some improvements,At least now some of the key injuries, can see the team a lot of defensive problems.It will be nice not to lose this game, but let’s see if we can get some of our top players back in March. At least if Davis is back, maybe Bayern’s defense will improve significantly because he has enough speed.