With the advent of radio and television 5G, rural users may be able to enjoy low-cost 5G packages to enhance the affection of parents and children

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It is said that THE 5G service of China Radio and Television will be launched on 517 this year. What THE author expects most is that it will launch low-priced 5G service in rural areas, changing the current situation that the 5G package price of the three major operators generally exceeds 100 yuan, so that rural users can enjoy low-priced 5G service.The expensive 5G packages of the three operators have affected consumers’ enjoyment of fast 5G services. At present, the 5G packages of the three operators generally cost more than 100 yuan, which far exceeds the current situation that the average ARPU of their users is as low as 40 yuan, and exceeds the consumption level of many users, especially rural consumers.The per capita ARPU of operators is as low as 40 yuan, which means that the communication service consumption of most rural consumers is less than 40 yuan. After all, the consumption level of rural consumers is low, and the expensive PRICE of 5G packages affects the information connectivity between rural and urban areas.Considering the reality today, in most of rural life are elderly, this kind of person to contact in the cities of the children is mainly rely on mobile phones, originally the mobile communication technology upgrade to make these the elderly can through the video and the cities of the children with video communication, enjoy a rare family warmth, but 5 g ultra high price hinder their affection.Previously, another factor affecting rural users’ enjoyment of 5G services was the problem of 5G network coverage. Due to the super high cost of 5G and the extremely limited coverage of high-frequency 5G base stations, vast rural areas were not covered by 5G network. Now, with the launch of RADIO and television 5G, all these will be solved.The construction of 700MHz 5G network by China Radio, Film and Television And China Mobile firstly solves the problem of rural 5G network coverage. The number of 700MHz 5G base stations they bid for has reached 480,000. With the super coverage capacity of 700MHz, it is estimated that these 480,000 5G base stations will cover most rural areas when they are completed.Cable TV service provided by the China radio and television now, about 31 yuan monthly charge, so the user of radio and television can also accept a lower price, even if it is in the rural areas offer price as low as $30 5 g package, should also can accept it, so can accept prices should be most rural users, and cable TV are mostly a family has a TV,5G services, essentially one phone per person, could provide broadcasters with revenues that far exceed those of cable.At present, the three major operators pay more attention to profits, and they naturally pay more attention to urban users who can provide higher profits. Farmers in vast rural areas also need 5G services, but these users can provide limited profits, so they are not the customers expected by the three operators.It now rents 2G and 4G networks from China Mobile and shares 5G networks, so it can reduce friction with China Mobile by first developing users in rural areas.Three carriers now seems to have a tendency to attempt, causing them to offer 5 g services in more than two years, since the price of 5 g plan has been reduced, and China radio and television of the fish, may help operators increase the competition of the market, provide consumers with more affordable 5 g, it should be the broad masses of consumers expect.