The minimum purchase price of rice in 2022 is announced

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In 2022, the state will continue to implement the minimum purchase price policy in major rice producing areas.Taking into account factors such as grain production costs, market supply and demand, domestic and foreign market prices and industrial development, The State Council approved the minimum purchase prices for early indica rice (third grade, the same below), middle-season and late indica rice and japonica rice produced in 2022 at 124 yuan, 129 yuan and 131 yuan per 50 kg, respectively.The Development and Reform Commissions of all provinces, autonomous regions and Municipalities directly under the Central Government, the Food and Strategic Reserves Administration (Grain Administration), the Department of Finance (bureaus), the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (bureaus and commissions), branches of the Agricultural Development Bank,China Grain Reserves Management Group Co., LTD., CoFCO Group Co., LTD., China Supply and Marketing Group Co., LTD., and Sinochem Holdings Co., LTD. : In order to ensure national food security and further improve the policy of minimum purchase price for grain, China will continue to limit the total purchase amount of rice at the minimum purchase price in 2022.The specific matters are hereby notified as follows.Based on the minimum purchase price of rice in recent years, the minimum purchase price of rice in 2022 is set at 50 million tons (20 million tons of indica rice and 30 million tons of japonica rice).Two, specific operation mode (a) batch release.The limited purchase amount is divided into two batches. The first batch is 45 million tons (18 million tons for indica rice and 27 million tons for japonica rice), which will not be allocated to the province.The second batch of 5 million tons (2 million tons for indica and 3 million tons for japonica) will be distributed to provinces depending on acquisition needs.If the minimum purchase price of indica rice and japonica rice in China respectively reaches 90% of the first batch quantity, the relevant branch of China Grain Storage Co., Ltd. shall, together with provincial grain departments and other units, timely put forward suggestions on the planned purchase quantity of the second batch of this variety in their province.China Grain Storage Corporation shall make an overall plan and balance the quantity of rice in each province according to the annual rice output, purchase quantity, surplus grain of farmers and market price, and report to the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration for approval.The National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration announced the second batch of purchases by each province through the government website.After the completion of the first batch of acquisitions, the provinces concerned continue to carry out acquisitions in accordance with the second batch of approved quantities.When the purchase quantity reaches the approved quantity of the province, the purchase of the province’s lowest purchase price will be stopped immediately and no longer start.Dynamic monitoring.After the implementation of the minimum purchase price plan is initiated, China Grain Storage Corporation shall strictly follow the relevant provisions of the plan, strengthen statistical monitoring, and report the purchase progress to the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration every five days.After starting the second batch of acquisition, the Grain storage group company should send the acquisition progress according to the daily.The National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration regularly announces the minimum purchase prices on the government website.Provincial grain and other relevant departments should carry out timely research and scheduling based on the commodity quantity of rice and the surplus grain situation of farmers, so as to comprehensively master the harvest schedule.(1) Conscientiously implement the policy of limited purchase.China Grain Storage Group Corporation as the implementation of the minimum purchase price policy, to strictly implement the purchase policy to limit the total amount of purchase, not over the purchase.Financial support shall be limited to the maximum purchase amount under the minimum purchase price policy.2. Strengthening market oversight.Local governments should earnestly implement the spirit of reform of the grain purchase and storage system, standardize the order of the grain circulation market, and severely investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations in the process of grain purchase and storage.3. Promoting quality grain at higher pricesLocal governments should encourage greater synergy between agriculture and enterprises, give full play to the feedback and guidance of market prices on production, promote adjustment and optimization of planting structures, and increase the supply of green, high-quality and safe products.National Development and Reform Commission, National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Agricultural Development Bank of ChinaSettled in Hefei!These people in Anhui are expected to have flexible commutes!Pushing 2021, secretary of municipal party committee (committee) to grasp at the primary level “deliver, the review” commend began in February made departments responsible comrades will source partial answering hotline 12345 | coordinating editor by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) | He Wenyi edit | ding organizer | anhui provincial government information office, provincial network | letter for platform construction and technical supportAnhui New Media Group