The Great Chinese women’s soccer team: Reverse!Dead!The title!Huang Jianxiang: double bonus according to men’s standard!Shareholders also hi: the last championship, A shares rose to 6000 points

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China fund news Taylor on the evening of the 6th, the biggest thing is — The Chinese women’s football team won the championship!2-0 in the first half, 3-2 in the second!China beat South Korea 3-2 to win the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup on Sunday night.In the 27th minute, South Korea responded with a 1-0 lead when Lee Jin-min crossed from the right and Choi Yoo-hye rounded the middle to score.In stoppage time, China’s Yao Lingwei handball in the penalty area was awarded after the referee watched the VAR and Ji Xiaoran scored with his right foot to give South Korea a 2-0 lead at halftime.In the 68th minute, Chinese women’s soccer team won a penalty kick after Zhang Linyan’s shot resulted in a handball by south Korean players.Tang scored a penalty to tie the score at 1-2.Zhang Linyan headed in tang Jiali’s cross from the right in the 72nd minute to level the score at 2-2.Xiao Yuyi scored a stunning goal in the 93rd minute to seal the victory for China.Good for The Chinese women’s football team!According to beiqing Sports, it is understood that the main leaders of the Chinese Football Association immediately congratulated the Chinese women’s football team and thanked them for their efforts during the Tournament.After winning the Asian Cup, The Chinese women’s football team will receive a huge bonus, which will be higher than the men’s team in the round of 12, according to the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The bonus is likely to exceed 10 million yuan.It is understood that the Chinese Football Association (CFA) has maintained the same specification as the men’s national team for the preliminary World Cup in ensuring the participation of the Chinese women’s football team in this Asian Cup.In terms of reward methods, the Chinese Football Association’s reward range for women’s achievements is unprecedented.Although the association could not disclose the exact amount, sources confirmed that the Chinese women’s football team will receive a considerable amount of money as a result of winning the Asian Cup, the highest level of Asian women’s football.After The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup, huang Jianxiang, a well-known commentator, said on his blog: “Please double the men’s bonus for the women’s football team.”I have nothing more to say.That’s all I have to say.Tomorrow I will go back to the Winter Olympics and talk to Wang Meng about speed skating. I can rest my voice.After the 10-billion-yuan competition, Alipay quickly “expressed” on its official wechat account: bonus, arrangement!It is understood that after the end of the Asian Cup, the support for outstanding women’s football players to stay abroad plan, will also be included in the focus of the Football Association, Alipay’s 100 million support funds this year, will be specific subsidies to this plan, for women’s football players to stay abroad to provide the best guarantee of life, training.In addition, Alipay will also assist the Chinese Football Association to develop a blockchain player data system, record and analyze the video and data of women’s Super League and youth training matches at all levels, and continuously improve the level of women’s national football team and youth training.At the same time, the selection system of elite young women’s football players will be developed to discover more talented women’s football players.In July 2019, Alipay officially announced the “1 billion yuan in 10 years” support plan for Chinese women’s soccer.This support plan is also the largest amount of long-term public welfare sponsorship for Chinese women’s football team in history.According to the official introduction of Ant Group at that time, as a non-commercial sponsorship, the contribution was mainly made by Alipay Foundation, and the participation of Jack Ma Foundation and Tsai Chongxin Foundation.The plan covers the improvement of the training level of the National women’s football team, the injury protection and retirement transformation of women’s football players, the development of women’s football technology and coach training, and the promotion and development of youth women’s football, so as to help the development of women’s football.Among them, it also includes subsidies and bonuses for women’s national teams at all levels to participate in international competitions.On February 4th, the relevant personage of Alipay introduced to the reporter that of the 200 million yuan fund in the first two years of the plan, more than 10 million yuan has been used for the bonus of the national brand players and the coaching staff, to improve the treatment of the women’s football players and the coaching staff.China’s women’s soccer team has won the Asian Cup for the eighth time in its history, leading the world in winning the tournament, but its last title came back in 2006.Observant investors have already spotted the 2006 women’s victory over host Australia, which started 2-0 down and ended with a stunning comeback on penalties.Since then, the Shanghai Composite index has nearly quadrupled, from 1,600 to 6,124. Is history always surprisingly similar?Finally, blessing A shares!The rest is up to you