Tahaku and Jiro “have no common sense”!Opening an umbrella in lightning!

2022-06-23 0 By

Hello, everyone, welcome to animation old players, I am the author of old players!This time to bring you is the “big Talk Dragon” comic comic wonderful funny story, I hope the funny story between mortal dragon and gods to bring you a moment of happiness!This time about is: too white and jiro too no common sense!Opening an umbrella in lightning!Too white looking at this said change will become the weather, also began to doubt whether dragon really will bring good luck!But when the dragon took out the umbrella of that moment they gave up their doubts, after all, there is an umbrella ah!Then the only two umbrella away, only a lone dragon in the rain!But oh, they were too happy!Opening an umbrella in thunderous weather is an electrically conductive target!What a lack of common sense!Well, this is the end of this article, we will see you next time!Want to know more wonderful content, quick to pay attention to animation old player jiro said emperor elder brother is “shit king”?Did not expect to be heard by myself again behind?!Dragon luck “people set” can not stand?All he’s bringing this time is bad luck?