New Year’s greetings send care thick true feelings warm people’s hearts

2022-06-23 0 By

January 25 is the 23rd day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar. It is a traditional “xiao Nian” in northern China, meaning the Lunar New Year is getting closer and closer.In the Spring Festival approaching, party time thinking hard worker, retired cadres and sanitation workers difficult living conditions, on January 25th morning, the city urban management bureau party secretary, director Sun Huifang and team members retired cadres into the difficulties of party members, hard worker, and some difficult sanitation workers home, for they sent to rice, noodles, oil, eggs and solatium caffeine arts,Season’s greetings and best wishes to them.In sanitation worker HuoQuan yong, retired cadres jian-she li, Liu Guo taihe veterans Xue Ling fortune, party secretary, director of Sun Huifang ask for details of their health and life situation, thank them for units of the construction and development of the contribution, told them to take good care of yourself, continue to the development of the urban management of zhenhai, and send you New Year’s blessing to them.Bureau leaders Zhou Wenliang, Li Wei, Dong Yongjian, He Lamei, Li Yunfeng, Shi Xumin, Liu Zhenguo, Wang Xiangyang, etc., also visited the destituted Party members, destituted workers, retired cadres and sanitation workers.At each place, members of the bureau talked with them, inquired about their physical conditions and living conditions in detail, thanked them for their long-term contributions to the development of urban management, sanitation and garden, and sent condolence gifts and festival wishes.Deep winter cold, warm sympathy.Years ago visits condolences to the activities of the party and the government cordial greetings and soulful blessings sent to every difficult people heart, closer to the leading cadres and the masses the distance of each other, create a thick atmosphere of the holidays, by visiting the difficulty of party members, hard worker, retired cadres and sanitation workers party game thank you care about care, have said,We will continue to contribute to the development of urban management.Pay attention to our