He’s one of the original movies!Lift knife for gunpowder “shaping” for 30 years

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In the poem of the 2021 hit film My Fathers and I, Zhang ziyi plays Master Yu, a gunpowder carver in the space system.In the film, a detail is impressive: Master Yu’s assistant accidentally touches a tool on the desk when he is getting something. When the tool falls and touches the residual medicine, it instantly triggers an explosion and flashes of fire…This is gunpowder engraver — a constant contact with danger but indispensable profession.One of the archetypes of Master Yu in the movie story is Xu Liping, a craftsman in a big country.”Every time I fell, I could hear my heart beating.You can’t make a tiny carving on gunpowder without a hair’s breadth. Every powerful weapon is inseparable from you.You are a craftsman, you are a great country craftsman.”This is the 2015 annual “Moving China” ceremony, exclusive to Xu Liping award speech.Xu Liping, head of the solid fuel surface shaping team for aerospace engines at Factory 7416 of the Fourth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, has worked in the “dynamite pile” for more than 30 years.He has worked in what is known as the “dynamite pile” for more than 30 years.Xu Liping clearly remember when I first got into the factory, aged 19, return to him the first lesson, “then the master took me to deal with waste rocks, pa, ignition, and then is a huge roar, dazzling light, taking off the mushroom cloud, even if standing in a dozen meters away, swept by the heat is unbearable.”The lesson left a deep memory on him.From then on, Xu Liping understood that if he wanted to avoid danger, he could only be bold and careful and practice the knife well.”It’s so dangerous. Have you thought about changing your job?”Xu liping’s answer: “No matter how dangerous a job is, someone has to do it, and why am I not that person?”0.5 mm, is the maximum error allowed by solid engine surface accuracy.Now, Xu Liping has already practiced a unique skill, engraving accuracy can reach within 0.2 mm.”No honor can replace the pride and excitement I felt when I saw the Long March rockets and Shenzhou series of spacecraft soaring into the sky.”In 2021, China’s Shenzhou 12, Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft successfully launched.Xu Liping’s team participated in the microshaping of solid fuel surface in the escape system.The Escape tower of Shenzhou series has always been known as the life tower of astronauts, in the event of accidents, to help astronauts out of danger.Xu liping said, “Because of the safety of astronauts, it has higher quality requirements than other products and the operation process will be more detailed.The quality of this product has to be absolutely reliable.”God 12, God 13 launch, Xu Liping said “the heart is hanging”, “both afraid of escape tower play a role, because once play a role is a bit of a problem launch.But if you do need a escape tower, let’s hope it’s foolproof.But what I wish most was to throw it away every time.”Until the instruction commander ordered to throw away escape tower, Xu Liping suspended heart will be put down, “because then that the launch has been basically successful.”On June 17, 2021, a Long March-2F-yao-12 carrier rocket carrying shenzhou XII manned spacecraft was launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.(Photo/Visual China) When carving, carve with a foolproof mentality;After the launch of the rocket, xu Liping and his team colleagues hoped that what they had made would never be used.”Obscurity is actually the state of our entire space system.It is the joint efforts of all astronauts that have created so many space miracles.”To ensure safety, Xu also designed, manufactured and improved 30 kinds of knives, nine of which have applied for national patents, and one of which was named “Liping Knife” by the company.Now, one of xu’s priorities is to train young people and make them grow up fast.”Now there are more than ten students in our class after 90.”Over the years, Xu liping has sent out many apprentices, who have also had their own apprentices, thus passing down the space spirit from generation to generation.In the New Year, Xu liping hopes that China’s space industry will continue to develop rapidly, and that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, so that he can accompany his parents to take a look around.At the end of the poem in My Father and I, the parents wrote a poem that brought tears to the eyes of many children: “Fuel is something that sets oneself on fire and illuminates others.Rocket is, in order to dream, abandon their own things;Life is something to burn;Death is something that validates life;The universe is something that makes death small…”In the flying dream of asking the sky, there are countless “Xu Liping”.They stick to and struggle silently, write a romantic poem about the universe.From 2002 to 2022, “Moving China” has accompanied you through 20 years, the touching story is still fresh, the power of touching is enduring, please remember these ordinary but shining names.The new “Moving China 2021 Person of the Year Award Ceremony” is coming as scheduled, please look forward to it!Source: CCTV News