Cristiano Ronaldo was once again criticized for being too petty, because of his low price, direct shielding German transfer staff

2022-06-23 0 By

As we all know, the German transfer market is a very professional football rating agency, which gives the prices of players in today’s football. Their credibility is generally recognized around the world, so the prices they give are very referable.In recent days, several managers in the German transfer market have given interviews to the media, during which they revealed some secrets about Ronaldo.They once put out a list of the most expensive players over the age of 33. In that list, Cristiano Ronaldo was the number one player, and he was worth a lot more than the number two player.But even in this situation, Ronaldo showed a very unhappy mood.A message was also sent to the list’s editor, who explained how the list was calculated, but ronaldo did not compromise.After replying to a few smiling emojis in a private message, he simply blocked the German transfer market account.Frankly, it’s ridiculous. Is Ronaldo really that petty?Ronaldo, who turns 37 in less than a month, is now worth 35 million euros.Considering that age plays a large part in the calculation of price, it should be a compliment for Ronaldo to reach such a price at the age of 37.But Ronaldo is ungrateful and believes he should have achieved even more.Although Ronaldo is a very strong player, to their own high requirements, competitive spirit is particularly strong, but if you do not respect others, just expect others to praise their own words, will only drag down their own stature.Cristiano Ronaldo has been jealous of Messi since he won his seventh Ballon d ‘Or award.In 2021, when messi won the ballon d ‘Or, there was a petition on the Internet for Ronaldo.Ronaldo, a public figure with more than 300 million followers, liked the post.The ronaldo fan took to the social media platform to write a message praising ronaldo and demeaning Messi, saying messi did not deserve the Ballon d ‘Or.Shortly after the post was posted, Ronaldo not only liked it, but also appeared in the comments section of the post, writing “Factos”.Ronaldo’s message is that he fully supports the fan’s view, which means he doesn’t think Messi should win the ballon d ‘Or either.It was later confirmed that the person who liked it was Ronaldo, who was also caught in a storm of public opinion at that time.In my opinion, Ronaldo is just jealous, after all, Messi has already won seven Ballon d ‘Or, although he once equalled the number of ballon d ‘Or 5-5, but now Ronaldo will be 37 years old, it is very difficult to match or even surpass again.Ronaldo is a player who cares deeply about individual awards, especially the biggest individual award in football, so he certainly does not want to see his rivals overtake him and make the gap even bigger.The last thing I want to say is that cristiano ronaldo has always presented an unmodest image, and given what he has done in the past, it is normal to be criticized for being petty.