China central television (CCTV) refuse to sow!Without Messi, The Chinese women’s football team beat Japan to reach the final, fans: National football academy

2022-06-23 0 By

For the majority of Chinese football fans, the mood must not be too good these two days.Not long ago, The Chinese men’s national football team suffered a humiliating 3-1 away loss to Vietnam in the round of 12, suffering its fifth defeat in the round of 12 and completely ending its hope of qualifying.However, after watching the performance of the Women’s football team in the Asian Cup, I believe that the fans will feel somewhat relieved.Not long ago, the Asian Women’s Cup semifinal between China and Japan was staged as scheduled.As favourites to win the Asian Cup, Japan’s women’s team is as dominant in Asia as its men’s.Japan also became the first Asian team to win the Women’s World Cup in 2011.Although the Strength of The Chinese women’s football team is not as strong as the Japanese team, but it is not without a fight.However, before the game, The Chinese team received a huge bad news, nicknamed “female Messi” team’s number one star Wang Shuang due to an ankle injury, unable to play the game, The Chinese team had to rest personnel, to challenge the Japanese team.After the match began, the Japanese team took firm control of the match.In the 24th minute, striker Riko Uechi received a teammate’s cross in front of the goal with a header to make the score 1-0!After that, Japan created a number of chances but failed to score, while China’s counterattack failed to strike, and the Japanese team went into the locker room with a one-goal lead after halftime.Easy side to fight again, China coach Shui Qingxia came up and even for two people, Zhang Rui and Xiao Yuyi stage.The substitution also paid off as xiao yuyi, a substitute, set up Wu Chengshu to score 1-1 just a minute into the second half.After the equaliser, a highly motivated Chinese team withstood repeated attacks by Japan with tenacious defense, leaving the two teams still tied 1-1 after 90 minutes and forcing the game to go into 30 minutes of extra time.In the 103rd minute, Japan again posed a threat from a free kick and striker Riko Uechi headed home from an offside position to put the team ahead again.After that, China came back in a big way and in the 119th minute, Wang Shanshan received a pass pad from Zhang Xin inside the penalty area and scored the second equaliser.It’s going to be a brutal penalty shootout!Goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved two penalty kicks while China missed just one in the shootout to win 6-5 on aggregate and once again justify the name of Chinese football in the Asian Cup final.Seeing the wonderful performance of the women’s football team, the fans couldn’t sit still. They urged the men’s football team to learn more from the women’s football team and not to embarrass The Chinese football team.In addition, we should not forget that there is no Wang Shuang in this match, and Wang Shuang is very important to the Chinese team, I believe that the fans who have seen the women’s football team are clear.Without her, it can be said that South Korea is without Son Heung-min and Manchester City are without a key player and initiator.Under such circumstances, The Chinese women’s football team can still win, more praiseworthy!For the women’s Asian Cup, CCTV’s CCTV5 sports channel and CCTV5+ did not broadcast a single match, a decision that also made many fans unhappy.To know the men’s football 12 strong match they but a not ground all broadcast, but to the women’s football here, CCTV has chosen to ignore.In the end, the men’s soccer team disgraced out of the World Cup, while the women’s soccer team made it to the Asian Cup final. I wonder if CCTV will regret it?