Car tips will be shared soon

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1. Do airbags have shelf life?Theoretically, the design life of automobile airbag is consistent with the service life of the whole vehicle.But because of the lack of design standards, airbags don’t actually last that long.After using 10 years, its quality assures more hard, must undertake thorough detection, conditional word should change in time.After the car starts, if the airbag warning light is still flashing or long bright, it means that the airbag or the electronic equipment related to the detonation of the airbag is faulty, we must go to the professional after-sales service point to detect the airbag.When you usually go to maintenance, you can also let the after-sales station detect the air bag.2, what is the use of the hole under the steering wheel?Another is the steering wheel at the bottom of the hole, we all know, when I drive, hard to avoid some collision will happen, even if the drive to be careful, there may be others into their own situation, so a lot of the car will be equipped with air bags above, to ensure that at the time of accident, rise to protect the driver received damage.Therefore, the airbag is a particularly important safety configuration in the car, so this small hole is used to play the airbag, so the importance of this small hole is self-evident, the critical moment can really save lives.3. Why should the brake be higher than the accelerator?In general, the brake is higher than the accelerator.From an ergonomic point of view, the brake pedal and the gas pedal must be distinguishable to prevent the pedal from accidentally stepping on the brake to ensure the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.The brake pedal will be about 20mm higher than the accelerator pedal, slightly feel a little uncomfortable, to the driver to play a prompt role, to prevent the pedal pedal by mistake.4. What are those black spots on the windshield for?These little black spots in the size is different, different models used for the details of the black spots on the Internet is very many, there is a kind of think that most of the above the windshield of the car is full of metal surface, only these are black spots is no coating area, by this time the pitting of act like a small window,It is convenient for the relevant equipment in the car to better contact the outside signal.In fact, the small black spots can act as a protection against UV rays, so that the light does not sting the owner’s eyes.5. Why do you park your car outward?Outward facing, in case of emergency, the vehicle can be quickly evacuated from the parking lot, and there is no blind area of vision, which is safer.