A pair of couplets for the teahouse to solve the problem, leaving the story of the ages

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Duilian, commonly known as duizi, is popular among ordinary people.Through the ages, there are many humorous stories about couplets.I am a real swimming cat, a reader who loves couplets.You can call me Kitty. Keep an eye on me.Today, I would like to share with you a story about a folk couplet: a little scholar with a wonderful hand, a pair of couplets for the teahouse to solve problems, leaving a story of the ages!In ancient times, there was a young scholar, only 15 years old, who went to the capital with his friends to take the national examination.On this day, xiao Xiu CAI and his friends went to a small town and entered a teahouse for tea.Small scholar eyes are very bright, just drank a cup of tea, and found that the shopkeeper and buddy face are sad, can not help asking: “shopkeeper, you what matter sad ah?”The shopkeeper sighed, shook his head, and then lowered his voice to say: “Guest officer, you don’t know.Our place, small place, back and forth with people we know.Although my shop is doing well, many of our regular customers drink tea on credit.A day or two of credit, I confess, does not matter; but these people tend to give credit for a year, and then, on all sorts of excuses, get thirty or twenty denarii at most.If I don’t give them credit, they’re all in the neighborhood, I’m embarrassed, and they call me a cheapskate.And if they can’t get credit, they’ll go to other teahouses, and MY shop is empty, and I can’t do business.But if we give them credit, our store will lose money instead of making a profit.Look, I don’t think I’ll last much longer, so I’ll close the shop, and we’ll be done!So our favorite, in fact, or like visitors such outsiders, better business ah.”Young as the little scholar was, he was used to the world and immediately understood the difficulties of the teahouse owner.In ancient society, worldly wisdom is very important, but “die to face, live to suffer”, in order to face, suffering is their own heart, it is very difficult.After hearing the words of the shopkeeper, other scholars also whispered, lamenting how difficult it is to be a man.At this time the small scholar eyes a turn, said to the shopkeeper: “in my opinion, the shopkeeper’s problem is not a problem, as long as I write a pair of couplets, can be perfect solution.”The shopkeeper looked up and down at the little scholar with a little doubt, and was even more suspicious: “Such a little boy, can solve my old difficulties?This is a joke.”The other scholars immediately pricked up their ears and stared at the little scholar.”You’re kidding!A pair of couplets to solve the world?We these great talents are not able to do, is this small scholar really so capable?Brag, of course!”At this time the little scholar stood up, short head, confident style, loudly said: “take pen, ink and paper!”The shopkeeper looked at this posture, had not believed the heart followed some shake, anyway, the ink is not valuable, hurriedly from the counter to bring ink and paper inkstone.Small scholar become bamboo in the chest, picked up the brush, brushwork dragon snake, is really flowing, soon to write the couplet.Everyone looked together, saw the couplet is like this: “ask credit two word son ugly Yin;Cash patronize noon did not apply.”At the beginning of the public are a little confused, have wondered: “what is the meaning of the couplet ah, how can I not understand ah?””Although I can’t understand it, this couplet is very impressive.”Then, a scholar applauded: “I understand, this couplet is really absolutely!Zi Chou Yin MAO, the upper couplet lacks the word “MAO”, but according to our custom, the MAO is read out of the mouth.As it were, there was a socket hidden in the upper verse.MAO homophonic MAO (mǎo) means no.It says, if you want credit, there’s no tea left.”Other scholars are not drunk and fancy-bag, and immediately know the meaning of the second couplet: “The afternoon not shen you, the second couplet hidden a you, you homophonic.The second line says, If you buy tea in a teahouse, you will have tea.When the shopkeeper heard this, he felt puzzled and could not help asking the young scholar, “I am afraid that the customer will say that I am not humane, so I allow the customer to charge.Now this couplet openly does not allow credit, will cause customers and acquaintances anger.”The other scholar just laughed: “shopkeeper, you are really did not see.Don’t look at this pair of couplets, they are priceless.If you put it on the door, the whole town will be looking at you, asking questions and pointing fingers, figuring out for themselves that the teahouse doesn’t have credit, and it won’t be your fault.”The shopkeeper is skeptical, but still to the small show a line of people free of tea, but also to the small show a drop of money as a embellishment fee.The little scholar also did not polite, hid the money, said with a smile: “the shopkeeper, not I boast, with my couplets, don’t say no one credit, your business will be a lot better.Those who pass by will come.”Sure enough, the shopkeeper put this pair of couplets posted to the teahouse door, caused a burst of discussion.Soon, the teahouse had few takers on credit.There are many outsiders heard of this pair of magic couplets, specially to see the teahouse, teahouse business is booming, business is getting better and better.So, talent is very important, couplets are very effective!Soon, this story spread in the folk, for thousands of years let the people with relish!Like my article friends, must pay attention to me, a lot of praise, collection and share my article!It means a lot to me.I am a real swimming cat, thank you again!