Mi Fu, Wang Duo, Fu Shanlin, Wang Xianzhi

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Wang Xianzhi “goose group post” ink spread for Mi Fu linben “Bao Jin Zhai Fa post” engraved “goose group post” is the book hanza of Wang Xianzhi in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.This post grass, line, with the change, not the main usual, continuous strokes belong to the momentum of bold and free and unrestrained, no scruples, is a high combination of the uninhibited temperament and skill.The original ink can not test, the Song Dynasty Mi Fu Linben.Many famous calligraphers in the past dynasties copied, such as Xian Yushu in the Yuan Dynasty, Xing Dong and Wang Duo in the Ming Dynasty, and Fu Shan in the Qing Dynasty.”Goose group post” for “chunhua pavilion post” volume ten close engraved, also for the Southern Song Cao ge copied into “Bao Jinzhai Fa Post”, two copies of the same, according to the same, “Bao Jinzhai Fa Post” copy from “Chunhua Pavilion post”.Offer wait and worship again: do not check the sea salt house up and down movement, than the usual worry.The elder sister said nothing.Chongxu Liu geese flock and return also.One must thank the other for his contribution.I’ll give it to you later.In the Northern Song Dynasty, Huang Tingjian and Huang Bosi were identified as forgery.The reasons are as follows: first, in the post, the so-called “geese flock and return to Liu Road in worship of the xu” is an anecdote about Wang Xizhi writing the Tao Te Ching and a Taoist priest exchanging geese for geese recorded in the book of Jin.Second, the eastern Jin dynasty fashion did not worship the virtual view.Three, its calligraphy “furious zhang vigorous”, no jin charm.Wang Zhuanghong, a modern tablet researcher, also believes that “Chunhua Pavilion post” engraved version of the “Geese post” is a fake.”Chunhua pavilion post” engraved copy Of Mi Fu Linben Wang Duo Linben Fu Shan Linben