Meet snow and ice, come together | winter Olympics about China’s promise!Xi Jinping personally supervised the success of the war

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“We will dedicate a grand Olympic Games to the world with all our heart.The world is looking to China and China is ready.”On The Eve of the New Year, President Xi Jinping declared in his New Year’s Speech for 2002.”We have made a solemn commitment to the international community to ensure the success of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.After years of hard work, all preparations are basically ready. We have every confidence and ability to deliver a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games to the world.”At the beginning of the New Year, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s first domestic investigation and research again focused on the Beijing Winter Olympics.It was also his fifth field trip to the preparations for the Games.Winter Olympics dream intersects the Chinese dream, sports is strong, China is strong.Over the years, xi jinping, a sports enthusiast, has always paid close attention to the development of snow and ice sports in China. He has stressed his support for the Winter Olympics on various occasions and vowed to make the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics a success.With the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games just over 10 days away, “Lianbo +” reviews the important activities and speeches of the General Secretary about the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.