Jie Xiu: A junior high school student’s ring got stuck, and a firefighter successfully broke it

2022-06-22 0 By

At about 10:20 on February 17, a middle school student in Zhanglan Town, Jiexiu City, was in urgent need of rescue after her ring got stuck in her hand and her joints were swollen.Jiexiu City financial road fire rescue station after receiving the alarm, quickly organized personnel to the scene, the use of sand grain machine fine grinding and cutting, the final success of “break the ring”.When fire and rescue personnel arrived at the scene, they found the ring lodged in the boy’s right ring finger, which was swollen from pressure.In order to further protect his fingers from injury, wang Haosai, the leader of the team, made a simple protective sheet using waste mineral water bottles, covered his hands with wet towels to protect them, and watered them to help cool down and lubrize them to ensure no harm was caused to his fingers. Then he used a sand machine to slowly cut the ring.In the operation, the boy due to tension and friction fever, hand twitch phenomenon, Wang Haoshuai immediately stop operation, ask the situation, and constantly told the pain do not twitch and stop in time.After 20 minutes of slow cutting, a crack appeared on the top of the ring. Firefighters used two pliers to widen the crack and the ring was safely removed.Source: Jinzhong Fire Department