Good guard one river clear water Zhuzhou Lukou district: regulation of coastal livestock and poultry breeding to improve the area water quality standards

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Last November, Lukou District launched a special comprehensive control action for livestock and poultry breeding pollution along Lujiang River, which has achieved initial results. The water quality of Lujiang river has reached the national second-class water standard.Yan Binian, a villager, used to be a large farmer in Nanan Village, Nanzhou Town, Lukou District, raising 40 pigs and 180 sheep at most.Yan’s home always stinks and the surrounding environment is polluted because the waste from farming is not properly disposed of.After lukou District carried out the comprehensive control action of livestock and poultry breeding pollution along lujiang River, Yan Binian sold all the pigs and sheep and planted tea trees and vegetables in the idle fields.Villagers of Nanan Village, Nanzhou Town, Lukou District, Yan Bingnian: “The government attaches great importance to environmental protection. They always come to do their work and eat water from the river. They suffer from poor environmental hygiene.”Since the implementation of the 11 special actions last year, spogin 11 village groups and communities, spogin town, Nanzhou town, have been encouraged to quit livestock breeding within 500 meters from the lujiang river.And give appropriate rewards to guide permanent withdrawal.With the cooperation of many departments, the rectification work has been advanced in an orderly manner.Yi Fengliang Lukou District, Spose, Xitang village, spose town, “I have dealt with 10 pigs, the reward was spose last December.”Yin Guangqian, director of technical Service Unit of Lukou District Animal Husbandry and Fishery Affairs Center: “For small farms, we will guide and reward them to quit. For large-scale farms, we will carry out rectification, and meet the requirements of environmental protection prevention and utilization of livestock and poultry waste as required. For those with environmental pollution, we will strictly enforce the law and resolutely ban them.”At present, the special rectification action is still continuing.By the end of February this year, out of the 146 farmers spose town and Nanzhou town, 108 have signed the return agreement, and another 23 large-scale farmers have been taken into rectification, the rate of rectification is more than 90%, the water quality of Lujiang Lukou section has reached the second-class standard.Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: