Zibo High-tech Zone: strengthen post-festival law enforcement work to standardize the management of rural markets

2022-06-21 0 By

Zibo February 24 – in order to strengthen long-term management and control, effectively solve the problems of the masses, Zibo High-tech Zone comprehensive administrative law enforcement and emergency management of high-end equipment center law enforcement brigade, toward the rural market to popularize law work.Recently, just as another Gaoyang fair, G308 road on both sides of gaoyang Village section, the flow of people, motor vehicles, people and vehicles mixed flow, traffic congestion, caused a great potential safety hazard.The law enforcement personnel of the brigade arrived in place in time, on both sides of the main road stalls to carry out legal education, put themselves in the stalls to persuade, so that they understand the danger of illegal occupation business, guide legitimate business.High-end equipment center law enforcement brigade will strengthen the management of the rural market area, in line with the principle of “norm based, dredge and block”, solid promotion of standardized rural market order management work, but also in the people.Dazhong Daily Zibo Rong Media Center reporter Pan Zanming correspondent Gao Xinle Liu Zongping Gao Xin