Xu Minyao division back to Guo Wei New Year’s Day, early in the morning to serve Qi Qi up, breakfast also want to personally feed

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The Spring Festival is the most reunion time of the year, people who work outside will return home early, for fear that there will be a traffic jam on the road to delay their return home for the Spring Festival!Tian Jing Guo Wei family is more so, originally agreed to go to Jiujiang to accompany Xu Min, Yao Shi Bing New Year’s Day, but the epidemic is serious, can not run around with their children, can only wronged the old couple from thousands of miles away to the son’s home.Early in the morning, Guo Wei accompanied his wife and children to the supermarket to buy supplies for the New Year. Then he drove to Jiujiang from Henan province with his brother-in-law to pick up his parents and bring them home for the New Year!It was already early in the morning when Xu Minyao returned to his son’s home. He packed up the things he had brought and had a chat with his son and daughter-in-law before taking a rest. It was even later.Thought the old couple would get up late for a while, which thought Xu Min was a “busy life”, climbed up early in the morning, his hair has not been combed, grandson, granddaughter in the bedroom cry “grandma I want to get up”, meaning to let her help to dress, just willing to get up from bed!Tidy up after yourself Xu Min ran to the bed, “wait on” Qi Qi get up, to dress the great grandson is very skilled, you can see that she is not the first time to dress qi Qi, grandma busy brother, Yue Yue himself in the windowsill to play games, waiting for grandma to wait on yourself.Although the child is so big, let grandma help dress to get up behavior is not good, easy to spoil the child, but Xu Minyao shibing far in Jiujiang, weekdays and children do not live together, certainly to give her the opportunity to prove and children develop feelings, wait on the children get up is a very good way!The front foot just wait on the two children get up, after the foot to eat breakfast xu Min also want to personally feed Qi Qi, that picture is really quite warm.Yueyue, who is a little older, does not need to be fed by her grandmother and sits beside her eating eggs.Xu Min missed Guo Wei’s childhood, did not personally feed the son once, now make up for this regret to the grandson, granddaughter body, is also a very good way, but Xu Ma must not be too hard, but also to have a proper rest!Don’t think the old couple come all the way from Jiujiang, Tian Jing let people wait on QiqiYuyue, how much is not considerate, in fact, we are very clear that quietly do so, nothing but want to let grandma with two children closer step.Their two families do not live together, grandparents a month can not see the child, after coming back and do not take care of qiqi Yueyue, the distance between each other will be very far, do not know that they think they are not a family, so let Xu Min busy is also a good thing!Tian Jing for Xu Min, Yao shi bing did so much, on the Internet but also by people ridicule, doubt, hit the bottom of my heart for her grievance, sometimes words also want to explain for yourself, do not let the public opinion spread more and more severe!In the first 28 years, Xu ma yao’s father missed his love. In the future, their happiness will be doubled, especially after Qiqi Yueyue grows up, the old couple will be able to enjoy their old age!Xu Minyao went to his son Guo Wei’s home for the Spring Festival, and Du Xinzhi and his wife went to their daughter-in-law’s home for the Spring Festival. The two families also had a very good home!It would be much more popular if they shook hands before the truth came out.Ok, that’s all for today’s sharing. After reading, what else would you like to add?