Summary of the half: The Phoenix Warriors are riding their heels, the lakers are disappointing, and many teams are accelerating their rebuilding

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With the all-star break coming up, the NBA goes into a long rest period, with the next game not scheduled until Feb. 25, so it’s a rare break for many players who don’t have an All-Star schedule.Unknowingly, the NBA this season has gone through two-thirds of the schedule, the eastern and Western conference playoff standings are increasingly clear.Still, the teams’ performances have been sky and earth compared to what was predicted before the season began.Below, let’s take stock together and make a half-way summary of some teams.First up, let’s talk about this season’s favorites.The SUNS, who came within a whisker of winning last season, are back.They’re on a seven-game winning streak and finished with a 48-10 record. It was a stroke of genius for James Jones to bring in McGee and Bijongbo to add depth and toughness inside while keeping the runner-up team.Booker is also getting more consistent in scoring, averaging 25+5+5 per game, while Paul is getting older, leading the league in assists with 10.7 per game.In addition, Bridges, Johnson, Payne have greatly improved.This Phoenix team has a lot more attitude and fighting than last season, and if they can carry that into the playoffs, they’ll be the no. 1 favorite.The Warriors, who have also enjoyed a resurgence this year, are second with a 42-17 record after dominating the league with Curry, Green and Wiggins.Curry hasn’t been as hot as he was early in the game, but he’s been a threat to both teams.With the return of Klay, the emergence of young players like Pool and Kuminga, and the outstanding play of players like Porter, Payton jr., and Bielitsa off the bench, the Warriors also have the potential to win the championship, especially their defensive efficiency has been higher than the NBA this season.Back in the East, the Heat are quietly atop the pack.This summer, they acquired a series of lowry, Tucker, including a number of solid veteran players, Butler was completely liberated, and Hero also ushered in a significant improvement, this team has been equipped to go out of the East again in two years.In addition, the Bucks slipped to fifth in the Eastern Conference, but with Giannis Antetokounmpo, they can compete with any team.As the defending NBA champions, the Milwaukee bucks kept almost their entire roster intact, and if it weren’t for Lozlo’s injury, the bucks might still be the no. 1 favorite this year.In addition, the 76ers are better than ever after they finally got rid of the team’s trouble spot, Ben Simmons, and acquired superstar point guard James Harden.Embiid is no superstar center this season, averaging 29.6 points and 11.2 rebounds, more than any other center in years, and he and Harden are expected to make a big impact in the East.Below, we have to mention some of the big dark horses that have made great progress this season.This summer, with the addition of derozan, Lonzo Ball, Caruso and many other players, the Chicago Bulls are the underdog, the first record in the Eastern Conference.They now share a 38-21 record with the Heat for second place in the standings.Derozan, who returned to the East after a three-year hiatus, averaged 28.1 points, 5.2 rebounds and 5.1 assists, with the help of powerful teammates lavine and Vucevic.He also became the first player in NBA history to score 35 points in seven straight games while shooting at least 50 percent from the field. Derozan is now in the MVP conversation, and the Bulls are in the running for the title.The Cavaliers, in their fourth season without James, have also undergone a metamorphosis.Garland, the team’s third-year point guard, is the team’s new leader, averaging 20.3 points and eight assists per game.The trio of Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley and love has been one of the most efficient inside combinations in the league, along with a number of outstanding players, including Le Vell, Rondo, Markkanen and Osman, who have been key to the team’s rise.In the West, the Grizzlies, led by morante, Bain and Jarren Jackson, have become the third seed in the conference and have held on to the Warriors, showing their youthful firepower.The timberwolves, who have been weak for many years, have also been pushing for the playoffs under the leadership of Towns, Edwards and Russell, allowing fans to see hope.3. The first teams to fall short of expectations are the two favorites in the Eastern and Western conference before the start of the season — the Nets and the Lakers.The Nets have fared better than the Lakers, but Irving has been reluctant to get vaccinated, and the team has struggled to win games with Durant leading the way when Harden is not playing well, while Durant’s body is not able to support the high intensity of the game.At the same time, the team has a number of players due to injury and epidemic reasons, a large number of absences, coupled with Harden was sidelined, ultimately far away to Philadelphia.The Nets have slipped from first to eighth in the Eastern Conference, and the playoffs are in jeopardy.The Lakers, also due to James and Davis back-to-back injuries, record has been greatly affected.In addition, Westbrook has always been unable to fit into the system, a number of players injured tide, also eroding this big team.Vogel even had to push the 37-year-old James to the 5 at the most difficult point, and the defense was a natural failure, as they are now only ninth in the West and could fall at any moment.In addition, a number of teams, including the Hawks, Knicks and Pelicans, have not performed as expected, and the Hawks, who reached the Eastern Conference finals last season, are likely to make the play-offs.The Knicks, who spent $320 million over the summer, are among the worst.The Pelicans have also struggled in the West due to the injury of Zeine.In the end, it’s a do-over team.In addition to the familiar magic, Pistons, Thunder and Rockets, they were joined this year by the Pacers, Trail Blazers and Spurs.The Pacers got a very capable Halliburton in the wake of sabonis jr., and could accelerate their rebuilding in the future.The Blazers, who lost almost all of their starters except Lillard, especially CJ McCollum, also announced the dissolution of the “two Guns”.The Spurs, who acquired consecutive picks at the trade deadline, are bound to make a run at the draft.The Utah Jazz, Mavericks, nuggets and other teams have the same record as in the past, and this season will not be a big wave, so there is no further explanation.So that’s my summary of the teams in the middle of the season.