Peer foil?Australia VS The result of Vietnam, what impact to the national football team

2022-06-21 0 By

Beijing time on January 27, 18:00 PM, the World Preliminary Round of the Asian region of the top 12 matches will usher in a key match, Japan will host China, currently 12 points in the group 2, China with 5 points in the group 5, and the top 12 matches have the last four games left.In addition to the crucial match between China and Japan, Australia and Vietnam will also play in the same group tomorrow afternoon, and the results of the two teams will also have a certain impact on the overall situation of the group.Vietnam, without a point in six matches, have no direct chance of qualifying for the World Cup, while Australia are third in the group on 11 points behind Japan, their direct rivals, and will depend on Australia to make it to the World Cup.At present China only theory may, after their round opponent is Japan, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, and Oman, the team’s only lost to Japan and Saudi Arabia, even to win one of these two teams, plus beat Oman and Vietnam, to ensure that they can eventually get 14 points, for the chance to attend the play-off.The odds depend on the results of Japan and Australia, who play Vietnam, Oman, Japan and Saudi Arabia in their next four games. Assuming Australia lose to Saudi Arabia and Japan, draw either Oman or Vietnam, and beat either Oman or Vietnam, they will end up with 12 points.Japan, who face China, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Vietnam in the next four rounds, have 12 points so if they beat one of them and China lose one of their last four matches, they will qualify directly.Therefore, China’s hopes are not only in their own hands, but also in the hands of the other teams in the group, especially Australia. If Australia successfully beats Vietnam tomorrow, then China can basically start preparing for the next World Cup.Do you think China still have hope to qualify?