Li Dongfeng: Why is it more and more difficult to be a university teacher?(reproduced)

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Li Dongfeng: Why is it more and more difficult to be a university teacher?(transfer) the 2022-2-11 | system classification: calling to view on once upon a time, university teachers have identity, have a holiday, guaranteed income, an enviable, how many people are yearning career.Now, however, all this is changing subtly.Students (college students, graduate students) are different now.With the expansion of enrollment, the quality has declined.Under the baton of the college entrance examination, the exam-oriented education before the university has killed many students’ desire to study.After going to university or admitted to graduate school, I do not know why to learn, can not learn, lack of interest and independent thinking.Truancy, playing cell phone in class, cheating in exams, plagiarizing papers, being a tutor, looking for a job and getting a diploma are not in the minority.Not only that, affected by the social environment, self-awareness expansion, teachers (tutors) can not say, can not criticize, “self-esteem” and “right” consciousness is unprecedented strong, many qian Liqun said exquisite egoists.In addition, the misunderstanding of the school’s “everything for students” philosophy, students’ evaluation of teachers and other policies lead to teachers (tutors) being afraid of students.The student study result releases water, the thesis is unqualified is responsible by the tutor, afraid student has an accident.Colleges became nurseries and teachers became nurses.Incorrect values cause psychological differences between teachers and students.Even individual students framed the teacher, the teacher for the students on the back of the case is common.Take an examination of the system, elimination system only bind the teacher, just a form to the student.Teachers implement the appointment system, strict assessment, or promotion or leave, so that teachers under pressure.In the face of students’ unreasonable demands, the school does not deal with them impartially, but neglects management, shirks responsibility, and sometimes even beats the teacher.As time goes by, teachers can only obey students and dare not be strict with them.Responsible teachers are often unpopular with students, and project paper hats become the goal of teachers.With the exception of a few laid-back teachers, many enterprising teachers don’t get any holidays at all.Writing books, correcting papers, and preparing for classes became a true reflection of the five-to-nine.Why does the college compete for a director to hire hot?Hungry for a hat?The underlying reasons are clear.Income is not an advantage for college teachers, or even for students who teach in high schools.The income difference of college teachers is huge, the annual income of tens of thousands, tens of thousands of the majority, millions is very few.The university debacle began when honest men suffered.Teacher dignity is not good, but teachers and students can not be reversed.It’s not easy to be a college teacher!