Four cylinder self-priming with Toyota hybrid, refueling bit Sla charging is also cheap, real shot IZOA yi Ze

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Four-cylinder self-priming with Toyota hybrid, refueling bit Sla charging is also cheap, real shot IZOA if your home can charge, then buy plug-in hybrid or pure electric.However, if there is no charging conditions at home, and do not want to accept the traditional fuel car so high fuel consumption how to do?The choice for most of these people is the Toyota Dual engine.At the moment, Toyota can say that most of its models have dual-engine versions, including the one we’re talking about today, the Toyota IZOA.In fact, Toyota’s logo looks textured and sporty with the blue color of new energy, which can be perfectly matched with the appearance of IZOA’s radical movement.But in addition, the actual model appearance configuration is not heng Gao, headlights and network are beautiful and prominent highlights.IZOA’s body size is quite compact, only 4390/1795/1565mm in length, width and height, and 2640mm in wheelbase. It can be said that compared with the same level, this car is a small outstanding.The tail is really like a thorn, the tail wing, taillight are all protruding to the outside, and even the bottom of the outstanding brake lights, long is really quite barbed.Interior part, IZOA as a Toyota model positioning is not high, the interior part of the cheap sense is relatively strong.Design aspects of game jersey IZOA is performance in Toyota cars still bright eye, interior more levels, and the design of the steering wheel is movement, but from the point of details, whether it is work or plastic catch the game jersey IZOA performance is bad, is sense is configuration, with the price, after all, there are few models equipped with all kinds of auxiliary driving system.The seats are still made of fabric, and Toyota is still the same miserly Toyota that sells too much and doesn’t offer anything fancy.I have heard of such a thing before, that is to say, Toyota design IZOA was originally aimed at young consumers, but in fact IZOA’s sales are low, a large part of consumers or middle-aged and elderly groups, a user survey, users said that the car rear window is small, not afraid of grandson naughty window…We don’t know if this is true or not, but in fact, IZOA’s back row does have small Windows, dark light, narrow space, and few advantages.In terms of power system, it is based on a 2.0L four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine system, with a maximum power of 146 HP, peak engine torque of 188N·m and motor torque of 202N·m. This system is different from the 1.8L system used by Corolla and 2.5L system used by Rongfang and other models.Its Ministry of Industry and Information Technology comprehensive fuel consumption of 4.5L/100km, the data is also good.IZOA is indeed very awkward in domestic sales, positioning is also very awkward, was originally to give high hopes for TNGA main model, but because of space and configuration problems sales have not picked up.However, if you are an individual user, I still recommend this car. After all, it is fuel-efficient and easy to drive, and Toyota has a good warranty rate, which is still a good choice.