A: congratulations!Ma Li became the first Chinese actress to earn 10 billion yuan at the box office

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As of February 3, the box office of The Killer broke through 550 million yuan, Wei Xiang finally proved himself with strength of the title of “Wu Mengda in the mainland”, Ma Li also fulfilled his dream to become the first domestic leading actress box office more than 10 billion yuan, which is really gratifying.”Nice skins in abad, interesting one soul”, use this sentence to describe good Mary, Mary although appearance level is not so outstanding, compared with other actress, but she had conquered the audience, with outstanding comedy talent her performance on the stage brought everyone laugh, her acting in the film is full of comedy.Say this year’s Spring Festival gala is the most beautiful essay Shen Teng and Mary cooperation “is not also, took a few minutes to let the audience laugh, now that Mary has mounted the stage all six times, she also became the girls, eternal song dan-dan famous, Adrienne in Spring Festival gala on sketch the most actresses, and Mary is still in the film” the queen “.Now the killer is not very calm, the rapid rise of the box office, forecast on the mainland box office has already reached 2.354 billion, total box office and row piece rate second only to the watergate bridge of long jin lake, if according to the momentum of development, the Mary starring film should be easy to break the 12 billion total box office, the leading actress is in fault.Bai was expected to become the first “10 billion yuan box office queen” before, but was delayed by her own, from Monster Hunt to Go Away Mr. Tumor and door Lock, Bai Baihe’s acting has been widely recognized;Zhou as the youngest grand slam winner, her every work of a high box office, from “young you” to “through winter hug you, zhou has to prove himself with the acting is highly anticipated, in the plains of flame to zhou is likely to be the second” billions box-office queen “.For Ma Li, she belongs to the late comer, but this honor is deserved for her. Ma Li has been acting in drama and sketches since she entered Mahua Funage in 2005. It was not until 2013 that she became famous after she cooperated with Shen Teng in Today’s Happiness 2.At that time, Ma Li was just a small role, never acting alone in the film and television series, but after the release of Goodbye Mr. Loser, Ma Dongmei’s role finally became popular, and the audience finally discovered that this unknown actress had such a strong comedy performance ability, which attracted attention for a while.Riding on this momentum, Ma starred in films such as Shy Fist, Warm Hug and My Hometown, which raked in 6 billion yuan at the box office.But last year, Ma Li starred in the “Lie Detector” and “Sunshine Robbers” only tens of millions of box office, reputation is plummeting, known as the “queen of bad movies”, in fact, a lot of people are directed at Ma Li to see the movie, but the plot is not logical, the joke is low, the audience is very difficult to see, Ma Li is also really no choice.Now Ma Li is making a comeback again, “Li MAO Playing Prince” obtained 462 million yuan box office, and Zhang Yu’s “Siberian Tiger” although the box office is not high, but got a very good reputation, “The Killer is not too calm” box office word-of-mouth double harvest, which is Also Ma Li’s “turn over” work.From the movie: this is a very functioning to the commercial comedies, movies, and expected the same joke, emotional right a bit awkward, especially wei zifeng join is highly anticipated, once the “three a pig” and “xu mei” have it alone, after leaving the Shen Teng they also hold up comedy, this is the biggest success to them.Someone says: Mary doesn’t Shen Teng cooperation has been going down in the dumps, in fact, Mary and Shen Teng is promote each other, let they have found more than a decade of cooperation tacit understanding, whether in sketch or a movie they can characterizes character features perfectly, while “teng content” is the guarantee of the box office, but Mary comedy performance is now one of the best actress.Now Ma Li has “brother, hello” “Alone on the Moon” two films to be broadcast, I hope the title of “ten billion box office queen” don’t let Ma Li too much pressure, good loyal to the performance can be, whether the box office is low, or poor reputation, Ma Li is worthy of the “ten billion box office queen”.What do you think of Mary?Do you think Mary deserves her box office success?Welcome to comment.