86-year-old Zhou’s battle to Protect her house

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The old to Old time is spent in later life of each old people at ease “too-big-to-fail” lives in weeks dia dia, a 86 – year – old grey soup but because the problem of ownership of the house for more than two years not comfortable I heard recently he not know solved in court accused of a 86 – year – old 86 – year – old dia dia never thought for the week, their age will to go to the court.This time-consuming more than two years of co-ownership dispute, On March 30, finally in ningxiang City people’s Court gray tang court presided over the mediation successfully concluded.In May 2020, Zhou Caidia, who lives in Ningxiang, Hunan province, accidentally found that her house was registered under the name of her stepson-in-law Li when she was in a real estate registration organized by the village.Zhou was surprised by the discovery. “How could my house be his?” Zhou was puzzled.Worried about her old age, Zhou Went to the local village committee, only to be told that the house was registered under Li’s name.In order to get back her house ownership, Zhou Took turns in two years, has experienced the housing “battle” administrative litigation of the first trial, the second trial, finally in March 2021 to get the cancellation of the “house ownership certificate” judgment.A few days later, in December 2021, Zhou Was sued by her stepdaughter and stepson-in-law to ningxiang City People’s Court in Huitang court for the confirmation of the ownership dispute.Xu Meng, the judge in charge of the case, carefully reviewed the documents of the case.Originally, zhou dia dia and an outsider Wu Mou (dead) since 1980, formed the fact marriage, two people not having children together, Wu Mou four female and her ex-husband fathered a son, among them, because of three daughters Wu Mou love li mou to live with her husband often floods, after two third daughter, son-in-law and grandson came weeks dia dia home live together.Zhou’s old house was demolished in 1998. In September of the same year, six members of zhou’s family applied for a homestead in Wu’s name and built a new house.In 2002, Li mou basis “cent family analysis produce book” dealt with building property right change to register, from this, this building registered Li Mou name.And after passing two rounds of administrative lawsuit, all authority card of the building that Li Mou deals with is revoked, this building does not belong to Li Mou all.After understanding the basic situation of the case, Xu Meng contacted the plaintiff Li to understand the situation.In the face of the judge’s inquiry, Li said he was wronged, “my wife and I have borne the vast majority of the cost of building a house, rural people have worked so hard to build a house of their own, but now the house does not belong to me…”Facing this difficult case, Xu quickly clarified her thoughts. “This case involves more than 20 years, and the relationship between family members is complicated. Besides, Zhou Is old, so only by settling the dispute as soon as possible can she enjoy her old age.”Thinking of this, Xu meng immediately contacted wu’s other brothers and sisters. “Although Wu’s other children did not Sue, the house involved may contain the disposal of Wu’s inheritance share. If the dispute is not resolved, the conflict will be more intense, and good communication may also promote the resolution of the case.”3 hours of careful mediation promote harmony next, Xu Meng through the telephone one by one contact Wu mou love brothers and sisters communication, to further understand the inside story of the contradictions between the two sides, some of the brothers and sisters said they were willing to give up the share of wu’s house inheritance.After confirming that the conflict would not escalate, Xu spent most of his energy on the communication between Li and Zhou.Through dialogue with both sides, he learned that the two sides of the main point of contradiction lies in The week Dia that Li mou does not belong to the group members, no qualification to build a house, the house can not belong to him;And Li mou thinks according to “division analysis produce book” oneself is the host of the house, and when building a house, week dia dia already is more than 60 years old, have no economic source, the house can be built smoothly, all rely on him and Wu mou love to contribute effort.”Li eldest brother, I know it is not easy for you to build this house, but Zhou Xiaodia is very selfless to you. During the flood, she didn’t hesitate to ask you to move in with your family. I can’t forget this love…””Week dia dia, Wu mou love, Li mou live with you during you also calculate filial piety, you because of the house of things these two years rush about overworked, worry about a lot, worry about the body suffer losses…”In the face of both sides of the argument, Xu meng gradually eliminated the antagonism between the two sides from a variety of perspectives, such as talking about daily life, reasoning, and laying out legal principles.After that, Zhou and Li finally expressed their willingness to sit down face to face and communicate well.In order to make the mediation go more smoothly, Xu meng even contacted the local village cadres before the two sides sat down face to face for mediation, so as to understand the temperament and character of both sides in advance.”Different personalities lead to different ways of communication,” Xu said.At the suggestion of the village cadres, Xu wrote down the personality characteristics of Li and Zhou in a notebook.On March 30, Zhou Dia and Wu love, Li came to the gray soup court for mediation.”We hope that both parties can put aside their differences and give and take,” Xu said to both parties.Then, Xu opened her notebook in which she recorded the details of the case and organized the two parties to negotiate one by one on the focal points of the dispute.When the attitude of both sides is tense, he adjusts it in time;When there was a thaw, he moved the agenda forward.With the customized “personality guide” provided by the village cadres, Xu flexibly responded to the small sparks from time to time between the two parties and resolved them one by one.Finally, after more than 3 hours of communication and discussion, the two sides reached a mediation agreement voluntarily, and determined that each side accounted for 50% of the share of the house involved.”My pension place is saved,” zhou Dia dia left the court of the heart of the big stone finally dropped.Source: Ningxiang People’s Court