10 photos of Xiamen in 1975

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June 1975, Xiamen city, Fujian Province, a beautiful young woman in the South putuo photo.2.1975, journal of xiamen university, philosophy and social sciences, the first issue.A man takes a photo on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen, Fujian province, in the spring of 1975.4. Operation Manual of Golden Film issued by Xiamen Photographic Chemical Factory in October 1975.5. On March 28, 1975, a reporter from Xiamen Radio station in Fujian province went to the front position of Guanyin Mountain for an interview.6. Two PLA Navy soldiers pose for a group photo on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen in 1975.7.1975, xiamen scenery specialty calendar.8. March 8, 1975, xiamen city, Fujian province in yongren flat mining area, that is a newly installed drilling rig, under the drilling tower, beside the drilling rig to celebrate the “38” drilling scene.9. Graduation certificate issued by Tong ‘an No.1 Middle School, Xiamen city, Fujian Province on May 30, 1975.A student from Heshan Middle School, Hui ‘an County, Fujian province takes a photo on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen during the Spring Festival of 1975.