Tom Cruise as Iron Man?Marvel insider: He’s the perfect candidate

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Tom Cruise has been rumored to play Iron Man from another universe in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse Out of Control.Tony Stark, the original character who created the Marvel Universe “Iron Man,” with the Avengers:Robert Downey Jr. (Robert Downey Jr.) has retired from the marvel Comics franchise after sacrificing his life to save the world. But iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) has been on the hot topic for a while, and it seems that there are some clues in the matter.Tom Cruise is set to return iron Man to the cast of The Runaway Multiverse.Marvel’s latest film spider-man: Homecoming sets the stage for the multiverse. In the film, three generations of spider-man and the original five classic villains return to the scene, giving the strongest memory killing. Fans around the world are moved, but also worried that the following works may not be able to surpass such a golden cast.According to sources, Marvel has a “secret weapon” in the works: Doctor Strange: The Multiverse out of Control, which has been widely spread on foreign social media. Tony Stark, the “Iron Man” from a different universe, will be played by Tom Cruise, who was passed over for the role.Marvel, of course, kept it a secret until Doctor Strange 2 was released, but a photo of Cruise wearing stark’s signature Tony Stark beard has gone viral on the Internet. It’s a bit of a blur and out of focus.But Internet users still thought it confirmed his chances of playing Iron Man, and the photo went viral and thrilled fans around the world.In fact, there have been rumours that Tom is actually the diffuse wei about the “iron man” movie, the first person that lock, but Tom is not sure whether he is suitable for performing a superhero, repeatedly declined after the opportunity to reach the little Robert’s hand, he was asked about the matter after so many years, humbly said he liked before the iron man star Robert downey jr.”It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Iron Man,” says a Marvel insider. “I think he’s the right guy.”It would be a dream come true for Marvel if he were to play iron Man in a multiverse.In addition, daredevil’s Ben Affleck, Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds, Wolverine’s Hugh Jackman, and The original Spider-Man’s Tobe McGuire are also expected to appear in doctor Strange 2, which could be another great gathering of heroes.