Children weariness, disobedient, parents try these moves, to ensure that your children’s grades will improve

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Listen to me # It’s an indisputable fact that kids today have a heavy school load.Although the country is now implementing the “double reduction”, but there is still a long way to go.The root of the child weariness is heavy workload, play and play less time, suppress the child’s nature, devoid of the child’s childlike innocence.Under pressure, the rebound will be big.Parents to understand children is not easy, the correct treatment of children’s weariness, in the education of children, to aim at the target, the right medicine, in order to get twice the result with half the effort, achieve good results.On Saturday and Sunday, many children go to after-school tutoring institutions to catch up on their lessons and learn art.Is it normal for children to study at full load during the week?Moreover, there are homework to be done by teachers in various subjects. Students are not relaxed every day, and their spirit is always in a state of tension.Some parents eager for quick success and instant benefits, anxious for success, give the child reported three or four special classes.Make children a week without independent play space, over time, the child is not tired of learning are not normal.And parents regardless of children have this aspect of expertise and talent, subjective assumption, forcing children to report special classes.It is understandable that parents want their children to become successful, but they should also consider the pressure and feeling of their children’s study.Children tired of learning, parents might as well try the following ways, will benefit a lot.1 take other people’s children to tell the story of some parents to educate their children, the sum of other people’s children than.Taking other people’s children over your own children.This kind of teaching method severely dampens the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.Every child has different IQs and study habits.It is an indisputable fact that excellent students surpass their children in IQ and learning quality.Parents do not often take other people’s children, not only can not play the role of education spur, but will make the child feel inferior and bored.2 take the results of each test, as long as the child’s grades are low, parents do not do patience education, non dozen namely scold, do not consider the reasons for the decline of children’s grades.Children learning is not good, parents do not rush into, to give children a period of time to catch up, once the grades fall, want to catch up is not a matter of a day.Parents should encourage their children to study hard and try to improve a little bit on each test by praising them.It is normal for a child’s grades to rise and fall over a period of time.Parents should help children to analyze the reasons for the decline in grades during this period of time, the reasons for the improvement of grades, and correctly guide children to work hard.Even if your child’s grades drop temporarily, don’t be sarcastic and call him names. The more you do that, the faster the grades drop.Every child has pride.Children who do not learn well seldom get praise from teachers at school. When parents pour a ladle of cold water on them, even strong children will put out their motivation to learn.Learning is not good children more hope to get parents to encourage care, more hope to get the teacher’s favor smiling face.3. Give Play Time to Children. For children who are not good at school, they are under much more pressure than those who are good at school.Because of the intelligence factor, homework can be completed in an hour for the good students, while it takes at least an hour and a half or even two hours for the bad students.From this point of view, children who do not study well pay more.Therefore, it is not easy for parents to understand their children.When your child finishes his homework, let him play and go outside for a change of fresh air.In this way, children will not only appreciate their parents’ humanistic concern, but also study hard.Parents and children learn together Some families, parents play mahjong, watch cards, but let the children learn.The room was full of smoke and people.It’s strange how a family like this could raise a good child.Parents can properly read books, read newspapers, accompany children to study.Such imperceptible, children will imitate adults active learning.Parents should make friends with their children and treat them as equals.No matter how good or bad your child is in school, don’t be arrogant and overbearing.To “Lao Tzu” posture pressure children, this will cause children to appear psychological shadow, is not good for children’s physical and mental health.Parents to gentle wind and rain, a kind attitude of education children.Simple and rough, non – hit namely scold education will only push children to the mire of weariness.When children are making progress, parents can take their children to walk, visit the park, buy them some delicious food.You can also give your children a holiday in moderation, so that they can have independent time to play with their friends.This gives children loose entertainment time, their weariness will gradually reduce, thus like reading like learning.6. Parents can also invite “other people’s children” into their homes.Let their children and eugenics become good friends.Let them study together and play together.Eugenics also help their children to learn, happy parents to two children to do some delicious, as long as the two children happy, learning momentum is enough, grades improve is sooner or later.7. Help your child develop a study plan. The reason why children do not learn well, excluding intelligence, is that their study habits have not been formed.Parents can make a study plan for their children.Every day the children after school, what time to study, what time to play should be fixed.Let the child stick to the implementation, no discount.The development of learning plan can not be arbitrary parents, should let children participate in, fully listen to the child’s opinion.Over time, children’s learning habits will develop, learning performance is a matter of sooner or later.The above methods, if parents can do, the poor children will improve on the basis of the original.Original plagiarism shall not be prosecuted.Pictures from the network has nothing to do with the story