A failure: a failure for the successful completion of the task into the risk of protecting thunder, and finally changed to protect the egg angel

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One day, Miss Jin took out a pot of eggs in class. When everyone kept guessing what this was about, only Ah Shuai said he wanted to eat egg tarts.This is the school in order to let students experience the mother pregnant October is not easy, so carry out egg protection for a month activity, requires everyone to carry a raw egg every day, to protect it from being broken.When a decline to get the egg of that moment, as eggs such as treasure, do not allow anyone to encounter, for fear of the egg was broken, in order to declare the ownership of the egg, he immediately wrote the name on the egg, even wrote the consequences of breaking, then in the other side also painted a big head ghost.After the failure of happy, my drawings ZhuangKu at this time to come over and asked what he was laughing, and then give away, the failure of the egg finally in the pull of the two people play, accidentally egg flew out, unfortunately, the failure of the egg quickly broken, directly on big face younger sister head, big face younger sister was unprovoked.And then, of course, they got beat up.After the egg was broken, the failure decided to go to the gold teacher to another, it is obviously a scolding, then the failure begged, did not expect the gold teacher gave the failure of a grenade toy, the failure leng was played.He had no choice but to go to the supermarket to buy another one.Having learned from her previous experience, She no longer carried the egg in her hand. Instead, she made a protective device for it. First, she found a tin cookie jar and put old newspapers inside it.Finally, there is no way to tie it directly on the stomach, in this way, a failure with a big belly went to the classroom, when the big face sister see that moment, then laugh.This moment, a decline also realized the mother pregnant October is not easy.For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing