3+ certificate vocational college entrance examination fill volunteer don’t fall into these mistakes!Beware of failure!

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Volunteer did not fill, high marks also in vain!3+ certificate higher vocational college entrance examination is afraid to fill the wrong volunteer, volunteer fill is not good, non success or failure turn head empty……Filling a volunteer is not only a matter of choosing a certain major in a certain school, but involves the career development of the latter half of one’s life, income treatment and so on.So when filling in the application, we must standardize the application, otherwise it will really cry no tears!However, in the process of filling in the application for volunteer in previous years, the situation of being withdrawn due to non-standard filling in the application for volunteer often happens, which also makes many students of 3+ certificate higher vocational college entrance examination pay the price of “fighting again next year”!Fill in the voluntary to standard, these operations must not have!Let’s first understand the number of batches of enrollment and voluntary setting of 3+ certificate higher vocational college entrance examination: “3+ certificate examination enrollment” batches and voluntary setting.3+ Certificate higher vocational college examination of undergraduate, vocational (junior college) two batches, two batches at the same time to fill in the volunteer.Undergraduate batch: set 1 college professional group volunteer, set 1 professional volunteer;Specialty batch: set up 35 college professional group volunteers, each college professional group volunteers set up 6 professional volunteers and 1 subject to major adjustment option.Batch of ex-servicemen: set up 10 college professional group volunteers, each college professional group set up 6 professional volunteers, 1 subject to professional adjustment option.Mainland Xizang Xinjiang class batch: for the mainland Xizang Xinjiang secondary vocational class graduates (including students from The Tibetan area of Qinghai, the same below) set 1 college professional group volunteer, each college professional group set 1 professional volunteer, do not set whether to obey the professional adjustment option.In general, students are advised to fill in as many as possible.Do not only focus on one college, one major, more should be serious to understand more colleges, multiple majors, fill in the best.If you only fill in 2 or 3 majors or majors, or even 1, no matter how high the score is, you may face the risk of failing the exam.Do not understand the parallel voluntary file rules of the so-called parallel voluntary, refers to the candidates choose A, B, C, D and other voluntary, between them is parallel.That is, the candidates fill in A, B, C, D, E, F and other college professional groups are the first choice.Provincial examination courtyard according to examinee rank high and low in turn to the school to file, that is, the province ranks in the former first cast files, then cast the province’s second examinee, followed by the third, the fourth…And so on, until the minimum admission line.In other words, the parallel application system is based on the score preference, but the search will be conducted according to the order in which the candidate applied.When filing, the computer retrieves from the examinee A volunteer, if the examinee A volunteer “low”, even if the “high” school professional group with the same score as their own, they can only “priority” to be admitted by the “low” school professional group of A volunteer.It is suggested that when you fill in your application form, you should sort the colleges and majors you want to sign up for one by one. The colleges and universities you are interested in are put forward and give priority to retrieval.So must not put the school with high mark finally, because it is mark originally high more impossibly admit, can adjust the order of volunteer again so, mark should be from high after all.Take for example: Xiao Ming took the exam 200 points, ranked 40,000, now fill in the following schools and majors.Xiao Ming has filled in 11 professional groups, including the 002 professional group of Shenzhen Polytechnic of Information Technology and the 008 professional group of Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Technology.Since Ming was ranked 40,000, he had to wait until all the other students in front of him had registered.(this is called the score priority) because in front of the person first cast archives of location, so lead to some school for professional full, xiao Ming turn table for xiao Ming to fill volunteer for retrieval, starting from a professional (i.e., deep information of 002 professional) if found full to the second volunteer (guangdong vocational college of science and technology of 008 professional),Search according to the order, when it is found that the seventh choice (101 professional group of Guangdong Communications Polytechnic) is not full, it will file to the seventh choice.No. 8-11 candidates are no longer on file (this is called a file, only one).After filing, I will enroll the seventh choice (101 professional group of Guangdong Communications Polytechnic).Major admission is from the first to the sixth.If the digital media major inside the professional group was not admitted, it depends on whether to obey the adjustment, obey is to obey the professional in this group.(Because it has been confirmed that this school has quota in the retrieval, so it will not appear in the next choice.) If you obey the basic principle, you will be admitted by this school, which is the parallel choice above.New easy to learn xiaobian warm reminder: fill in the college professional group of volunteers need to form a reasonable gradient, specifically presented as a high to low gradient.Never commit suicide.For example, Xiao Hong’s 3+ certificate higher vocational college entrance examination score of 350 points this year, fill in the voluntary as follows: combined with the above parallel voluntary rules, after reading Xiao Hong’s voluntary, understand and do not understand the voluntary form are silent……350 points can sprint deep post, light industry, and other popular public schools.However, Xiao Hong filled in the professional group 1 of Jieyang Vocational College in her A choice (in previous years, she was close to the provincial control line admission), and put the professional group 1 of deep career in her B choice.So, in the admission of the file, the examination institute first searched the student’s A volunteer, 350 points no problem was jieyang vocational College professional group 1 file.Once the file is cast, it will no longer retrieve the following B, C, D, E…Volunteer.Finally, 99% of the students were admitted to A volunteer Jieyang vocational college, but missed the deep vocational college, which is A bit of “high scores and low reports” meaning these fill in the volunteer pit, the new easy to learn xiaobian to give you the first tips, I hope you must avoid these pits ah ah ah ah ah!Wish everyone can fill in the volunteer smoothly, be admitted smoothly, become a college student smoothly ~