Nyingchi, Xizang province: The New Year’s eve border guard camp

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The picture shows that the zhukwagan Border police station in Nyingchi visited the elderly area.Photo by Peng Youmao (New Year walk grassroots) Tibet Nyingchi: police camp over the New Year edge of a strong taste of Lhasa January 31 (Gao Qilei Xie Mu) law back to the spring gradually, vientiane began to update.When the Spring Festival is coming, nyingchi Border Management Detachment has made careful planning and arrangements. Besides doing all the work for the Spring Festival, nyingchi Border Management Detachment has continuously enriched the festival culture to make the festival taste more and more strong.The picture shows that the nyingchi Damu border police station pasted paper-cuts for people under their jurisdiction.[Photo by Wang Tao] “The lantern goes up a little bit, ok, ok, right here.”A red lantern is hung at the gate of a border control detachment in Nyingchi, Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, Jan. 29, 2019.The picture shows a group photo of the winners of the Spring Festival activities organized by nyingchi Border Management Detachment.Gao Qilei was taken at the same time, the trade union federation of the authorities in charge of the team in line with the principle of “pleasure, between the people and fun”, highlight the “unity, relaxed, health” the subject organization to carry out the “smoke blind box” “ring” “folder glass ball” integrating entertainment and educational New Year fete activity, make the whole camp presents a cheery, happy and peaceful scene,Permeated with a strong and happy festive atmosphere.Photo: Nyingchi Damu Border police station to help local residents paste Spring Festival couplets.A series of colorful police camp cultural activities set off a strong New Year flavor, not only relieved the police work pressure, promote unity and communication, but also inspired the majority of police work enthusiasm, for the successful completion of the new mission and new tasks to provide a strong spiritual power.In creating a New Year atmosphere of the police camp at the same time, the detachment of the grass-roots units also visited the condolences of more than 100 households in the area of the people, for the area of the people to send Spring Festival couplets and more than 800 pairs of the word fu.Thick border customs year, mellow police and people, through the development of a series of activities, further strong festival atmosphere, for the police and people work together to create a safe and happy, warm and harmonious environment has laid a solid foundation.(End) Responsible Editor: Tian Yue Source :36 China News Network