Manslaughter 2: A father hijacks a hospital to get his son’s heart back, a glimmer of greatness in the dark

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“Because their light is so weak that they can only be seen in dark places.”That’s the harsh truth that runs through the movie, and it’s true of most people.Life is often full of hope, but to seize it in reality, Lin Rilian can only cost his life.As a suspense film, its score fell to 5.8 points on Douban due to the fact that it violated medical common sense, had a single scene and was not detailed enough, as many viewers joked.But the great glimmer of paternal love that the story expresses caters to the theme of The Times, which is the main attraction of the show.I believe that everyone has seen fireflies in places with good air quality. Against the background of the night, the glimmer of fireflies has become a beautiful scenery.When they were exposed to strong light, the glimmer was completely obscured.There are three meanings here. The first is that Lin’s family is like fireflies in summer. Although ordinary, there is a faint light.It was their own, ordinary light, and the Lin family was just one of many.The second layer is the firefly faint light win but the light, the final loss must be Lin Rilang side.For a screenwriter, Lin is surprisingly thoughtful.An hour after learning that his son’s heart transplant is only an hour away, he scrambles together the money, and then, in another blow, the heart is missing, so he plans a big drama to hijack the hospital.The whole process with a fake gun successfully let their son live, in peacetime, an ordinary person is completely impossible to complete this careful plan in a short time.But even with such a careful plan, found out who took the original heart, but also lost in a mess.Lin Finally only to their own life as the price, in exchange for the life of his son.And the mayor’s final outcome is just stepping down, just like the old man said: some people are born is not the same, there is a huge gap in this world.The third layer is the firefly, although weak, but also great, even a faint light, also represents hope.Just like Lin’s heart, even if it is beating weakly, it is new life and hope, but in a different form of survival.Lin Rilang is a script often rejected by ordinary people, eventually with his father’s responsibility and instinct, completed a series of planning, glimmer can temporarily release huge energy.Ordinary people and the upper class struggle, ordinary people can only take life as a bargaining chip.When ordinary people encounter serious illness, the vast majority of people are helpless.Even if the money was raised, it would have to take a back seat to privilege, just as the matching heart ended up serving the mayor’s son.Wait until Lin Rilang finally find the whereabouts of the heart, but powerless, finally can only deduce the ordinary life with life as chips.Yes, fairness in this world is only relative, as a father, Lin Is great, as an unknown scriptwriter, he is just an ordinary man, full of humble light.Everywhere to borrow money, part-time job suffered from other people’s eyes, in the crowd is so humble.Lin’s ending is predictable and forewarned, and this ending represents the tragedy of the masses.Nevertheless, there are still journalist Li Anqi who is eager to expose the truth, police Officer Zhang Zhengyi who advocates justice, and heart-saving Doctor Chedama, etc., all of which are shining points of humanity and glimmers of hope among many glimmers.