Loss is a cost of investment

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People can only be changed by touching, not by knowing.Every trade has its own trading strategy and logic behind it, but personality is innate.Trading itself is inherently uncertain, any strategy has a cycle of change, a lot of worry is futile, the result can only be counterproductive.Losses shouldn’t be so scary, just as gains aren’t so pleasant. It’s all part of trading.Believe in the power of belief, trust in their own strategies, believe in their own investment philosophy, when there is no opportunity to know how to wait, keep learning, focus on accumulation.The natural uncertainty of investment itself, everyone has different strategies, only a few opportunities in investment strategy are definite opportunities, most of them are subjective judgment, but some are from their own cognition, some are from long-term observation and data statistics, but all are uncertain.Either way, most of the time it is a dilemma, choose one side, do not know which side luck will tilt.Make your own choices and leave the results to god. Losses are part of the cost of trading.Investing is typically a prefigurative business, and a prefigurative business is a business that gets more valuable as it gets older, and the body of knowledge is timeless.All experiences are cumulative, and any life experience can be beneficial to trading..Early trading jump low open gap to fill the gap, continued to pull up in the afternoon, up 0.66% by the end of the day, received the highest volume and the last trading day compared to reduce.The market closed four Yang line in a row, but the volume has not been enlarged, there is greater pressure at about 3500 points, today’s volume can not be enough, the market continues to rise in need of volume.1, securities companies (empty) securities firms closed up today, trading volume continues to remain low, the afternoon opening appeared a wave of rapid pull up, the end also appeared signs of capital admission.Brokerages below 800 points, once again ushered in a rare buying opportunity, today again to buy a.2. Kechuang 50 (empty) KEChuang fluctuated within a narrow range today, and is currently in the bottom confirmation stage, waiting for the market to become clear.3, Certificate coal (more) color dance is over the coal fly, coal rose 3.63% today, into the early intensive transaction area, according to the original plan to sell a.Currently holding (008,280) 5.4, China Securities 1000 (empty) is currently in the bottom of the shock range, the volume has been kept in a state of contraction, waiting for the end of the adjustment.5, 800 color (more) color today small adjustment, up without volume should remain cautious.Recent trading days of good gains, but the amount has not been released.6, China securities military (air) military now has clear signs of the bottom, back to step on 1650 points can buy a near.7, in the concept of overseas Internet (empty) today’s adjustment is relatively large, waiting for the arrival of the buying opportunity..Otc: Securities plate index fund (008591) held 9;(buy a) China Securities 1000 index fund (005314) hold 0;Non-ferrous plate index fund (165520) held 8;(sold one) KEChuang 50 index fund (011613) held 4;Military sector theme fund (008960) held 3;Floor: brokerage index fund: 80%;Cash: 10%;Guotai Junan: 10%;The hualin securities that rise the first opportunity is not big, still see the opportunity behind securities of the 2nd nation union..