Emergency notice on epidemic prevention and control during Qingming Holiday

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Epidemic prevention and control during the tomb-sweeping day holiday emergency information at present, the domestic outbreak was point, wide noodles, more frequent, Shanghai, jilin and other key areas spillover risk is higher, especially the “tomb-sweeping day” holiday will come, with increasing of turnover, clustering activities, epidemic spread risk will increase further, to strictly implement the “rebound against input, inside outside” prevention and control strategies,To effectively consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control in Our county, the relevant matters concerning epidemic prevention and control during tomb-sweeping Day are hereby notified as follows.First, we advocate local festivals for people abroad.In order to avoid the risk of infection during the journey, it is recommended that people in other places do not return to celebrate unless necessary.The majority of residents should take the initiative to persuade their relatives to stay in the places where they work, study and live as far as possible to reduce the flow of personnel.Remote worship is advocated, with online worship, online message, on behalf of the worship and other ways to remember the deceased, express grief.Nonlocal return their personnel shall hold negative proof within 48 hours of nucleic acid detection, 3 days in advance to the community (village), is reported to the unit, also can through the “cloud” wisdom WeChat public, “cloud” wisdom APP independent declaration, and detailed instructions to celebrate way, time and destination, etc., for shandong health code, arrived at 1 and 3 days after the nucleic acid testing for 1 time.Two, strict control to celebrate the return of personnel.People in counties (cities, districts) of medium and high risk areas are strictly restricted to celebrate. If it is really necessary to celebrate, individuals are strictly prohibited to take public transport and access public places. Upon arrival, they should cooperate with the implementation of centralized isolation, home health monitoring and other corresponding control measures.For areas that have not yet been declared as medium-high risk but have clusters of epidemic cases or are at risk of community transmission, reference shall be made to the counties (cities or districts) of medium-high risk areas.Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other public places must strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements such as “two checks and one test”, and guide all those who have not applied for shandong health code to apply for it.Three, do not have to celebrate.Strictly restrict travel to medium-high risk areas and their counties (cities, districts), and do not go to prefecture-level cities of medium-high risk areas if it is not necessary;Staff in high-risk posts should avoid going out as far as possible. If they really need to go out, they should be free from work for more than 14 days and hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, and report to their work units.People with fever and health code yellow should fulfill their personal protection responsibilities, actively cooperate with health monitoring and nucleic acid testing, and do not travel until the risk of infection is eliminated.Do not hold gathering activities unless necessary.We should keep funerals short and banquets short.There will be no gathering of sacrificial activities, and no family or clan gathering to sweep tombs. Citizens who visit the tomb sweeping festival should strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and remember their ancestors through family memorial service, online memorial service, offering flowers, planting trees and wearing green.Fifth, take good personal protection.Strictly implement personal protective measures such as “wearing masks, washing hands frequently, measuring temperature frequently and gathering less”, and develop good personal hygiene habits.In case of fever, cough, fatigue and other symptoms, immediately go to the fever clinic of medical institutions, try to avoid taking public transportation.Step up vaccination.Novel Coronavirus vaccine is recommended for all eligible public, and enhanced immunization is recommended for those who have completed full immunization for at least 6 months.The Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation of Qingyun County Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China (HQ) on March 31, 2022 independently declare the personnel who came to And returned to Qingyun