A few durable family cars worth buying, what do you think?

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Now the price of cars is becoming more and more popular. Domestic brands have rich and colorful models, fast configuration upgrading and iteration, and the price of joint venture brands is constantly falling.Spend a small 100,000 can already buy a good car, this period of pipi car with you to talk about a few models of about 100,000 value, welcome to exchange.The first model: FAW Toyota Vios/VIOS FS guide price of 738 to 118,800 yuan recommended reason: those who know cars know that Toyota cars are known for good quality, Vios, VIos FS and Zhihyun use the same platform, but Vios is more famous than Zhihyun, other functions and driving performance is similar.The used car retention rate is around 60%.ARiS L is the car with the lowest price. It is easy to drive and flexible, and the space is enough for home use. It is suitable for women who work at home.But it’s got a good retention rate.Do not like the hatchback to dazzle friends, you can also choose to enjoy the hatchback.This car has enough power and low fuel consumption, with a total of about 6.6L for 100 kilometers.The third section: Buick Lang guide price 119,900 to 125,900 yuan recommendation reason: with the joint venture brand similar to the A class car, The English Lang is very high cost performance.Buick Lang’s body lines are smooth, there is no lack of atmosphere and fashion.The space in the back and trunk is fine for household use.The first choice of ordinary working families, 100 kilometers comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.1L.Reason for recommendation: The Polo car is small and exquisite, convenient to travel and park, especially suitable for female customers.Polo is also of good quality, with a high used car retention rate.But Polo’s lower-profile headlights are halogen.Fifth: Guangqi Honda fit guide price 7.38-10.88 million yuan recommended reasons: Guangthis fit by young personality user preferences, and in light modification can play a lot of patterns.Degree of power, control is very good, space utilization is very high, very popular among young male users.The average comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 km is about 6.7L.Sixth: Volkswagen Bora guide price of 9888-15600 yuan Recommended reason: Volkswagen Bora is faW-Volkswagen mainstream best-selling models, with solid and stable driving characteristics of German cars.The user group is wide, both men and women are suitable to open.Bora doesn’t look very dynamic and trendy.Bora is ok in terms of specs, at least unlike the Polo, which doesn’t even have a screen.Seventh: Changan CS35Plus guide price 6.999-109,900 yuan recommendation reason: Changan CS35Plus is the main SUV sales of Changan Automobile brand, product force is really good.It looks young on the outside, with a large trunk and high utility rate.It’s a young man’s first car with a lot of features.The 100-kilometer comprehensive is generally about 8.1L.The eighth: Guangqi Honda Lingpi guiding price of 998-169,800 yuan recommended reasons: as one of the main models of Guangqi Honda, Lingpi appearance absorbs the design language of accord, the interior is also more texture.The space is its biggest advantage, also increased many soft qualitative overlay on using mastow.Car guide | 100000 recommended to buy a few good-looking and durable household cars, what do you think?_ News and information _ Pipi Car