The nation’s 3,747,555

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This article is transferred from: Dazhou Evening News dazhou full record!Send welfare not regularly!There is such a group of people, they break through the shackles of traditional ideas, to give the gift of life, to save the lives of others, so that others can see again, they are human organs, remains (cornea) donors.Recently, qin Chunlin, a 47-year-old man from Xuanhan, solemnly filled out the registration form of human organ donation at the Red Cross society of Xuanhan County and became the 3,747,555 volunteer for human organ donation.Qin Lin is Xuanhan County Pujiang Street people, year-round in Putian City, Fujian province, engaged in the construction industry.In March this year, Qin Lin in Lisheng District, Putian, Fujian province, saw the human organ donation public garden cemetery monument on a name, and then saw the martyrs cemetery countless martyrs’ names, immediately deeply moved.In his mind, donating human organs is another form of “martyr”.”My grandfather, Wang Wensong, was a Red Army soldier who sacrificed his life for the country during the war.His father was also a veteran.They are all heroes in my heart.”Qin Lin told reporters that he began voluntary blood donation many years ago, often want to do something useful for the society, after learning that he can donate organs, he made up his mind at that time, must register as a volunteer, to contribute their last strength to the society.At the end of March, he returned home from Fujian, the first time to xuanhan County Red Cross, under the guidance of the staff, Qin Lin completed the online volunteer registration, honorably became the national 3747555 human organ donation volunteer.The human Organ Donation Monument of Dazhou Vocational and Technical College is inscribed with the names of donors in our city.Every year, members of the public visit the site to lay flowers and observe a moment of silence to pay tribute to the lives of those who continue to benefit others after their deaths.Statistics show that as of April 6, China had donated more than 39,000 organs and 117,000 organs, saving more than 110,000 lives.More than 42,000 corneas were donated, and more than 45,000 bodies were donated.”Great love, let love continue, body organ donation road is a great way to make love eternal.”Dazhou Red Cross staff introduced, with the change of people’s concept and consciousness, the number of registered body organ donation in our city has increased year by year.Up to now, more than 7,400 people have registered as volunteers for body and organ donation in Zhuhai, and 23 organs, 10 bodies and 7 corneas have been successfully donated.However, the shortage of organ donations is still severe in China, with many organ failure patients dying while waiting.According to statistics, about 300,000 patients need organ transplants every year, and the ratio between supply and demand is very low.People who are 18 years old or older and have full capacity for civil conduct in China can follow the wechat public account “China Human Organ Donation” and click “Voluntary Registration” to register.Register on the official website of China Organ Donation Management Center;Go to your local Red Cross organ donation agency or register in writing.With the change of people’s secular concept, more and more people choose to donate organs and bodies after death, to continue their lives and pass on the love!Give them a thumbs up!