Lin Qiqi New Year welfare Cos Jinks, leather clothes is a highlight, in order to attract fans, too hard

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Balsam pear original, reproduction will investigate!Bitter melon e-sports – let you experience a different e-sports anchor circle!As one of the most popular heroes in LOL canyon, Jinx’s status seems to be becoming more and more stable. I feel that Baby has played a great role in the promotion of Jinx’s popularity, and the officials in the future also pay special attention to this hero. Even as one of the signposts of LOL mobile games, jinx is happy for him.With such a popular hero, how could Jinks have fewer costumes?Of course, the general beauty of the anchor as Jinks, not just casually send benefits.This is not, on the occasion of the New Year, this wave of welfare came, tiger teeth beauty anchor Lin Qiqi is also intentional, specially prepared for the New Year welfare Cos, too show, Lin Qiqi version of Jinks, to.Have to say with a high standard of appearance is capricious, and advantage is very big, really like what Cos, feel as long as Lin groups up seriously, there is no she can’t Cos role, is too universal, presided over by her professional background, strong host language to understand, but the Cos so much, really is too surprise, it is no wonder that more and more groups Lin fan,Who doesn’t love a cute little sister who sends out cosplay benefits from time to time?Anyway, the Jinx costume was a great success, full of details, and the leather clothes were also highlights. In order to attract fans, it was really too hard. Fortunately, it was a success, and I believe it has captured the hearts of many otaku men.Moreover, in addition to jinks Cos, Lin Qiqi’s blue and white porcelain lacos is also dazzling, the real Cos is like what, powerful.Figure and appearance level, it is really the hard condition of beauty anchor popularity.Of course, in fact, many of the beauties of the game anchor circle, but Lin Qiqi can come to the fore, in addition to the appearance of the level of figure and host skills, is the character, straightforward character that is necessary, after all, the face is a man, as long as put open, to go further.What do you think of this paulin77 welfare costume?I am bitter melon, I bring my own salt!(Without oil)