TVB actress due to the size of the limitations of the film, wang Zulan to transfer to the mainland, to earn pot full pot full

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On March 28, according to Hong Kong media, TVB actress Jiajia Chan shared a video on her personal social media account, in which she spoke openly about her journey since becoming a professional.In the photo, Chen jiajia appeared outdoors in a pink flower-print dress with her hair tied up in a bun.Already 37 years old, her skin can be blown out, not a wrinkle on her face, she is in good shape.She revealed her weight at the end of last year.In the past few months, she has been eating like a pig, but her figure has not gained weight.She seems to exercise privately to keep her weight level.Chen jiajia said that he was not good at school, at the age of 17, 18 out of social work, has been a piano teacher and a clerk.Once in a while, she guest starred in wang Zulan’s film “short boy Affectionate”, the result was the other side of the photograph, had the honor to dance in its concert, was also invited to shoot the TV series “Old cousin, hello you!”.In this way, she began her acting career.A few years ago, she plays about constantly, but because of the size of the limitations, looking for her to take the people slowly become less, once no play can be filmed.When Chen Jiajia falls into a hesitation, she gets Wang Zulan’s help again.Zulan told me I was eloquent and loved to eat, so he suggested I bring the goods live, she recalls.In September last year, she officially transferred to the mainland and began live broadcasting with goods.Of course, it wasn’t all plain sailing for her. At first, her performance was so poor that few people watched her in the studio. On Singles Day, her work was even stopped.Feeling hopeless in her life, she was already thinking about going back home, until December, when she had an Epiphany, and the studio’s viewership skyrocketed and her performance got better and better every day.Looking at her social accounts, she has nearly reached 8 million followers at present. Many Hong Kong stars who are more famous than her do not have so many followers.In February, she won the Top Talent award in the Fresh Food industry.Boss Wang Zulan said at the end of last year when interviewed, Chen Jiajia is really a talent, tried to sell hairy crab a turnover of up to 3.5 million, steak also sold 5 million, the results are particularly good.He also revealed that Chen jiajia has made a lot of money, which is more than enough to buy a house, and he believes Chen Jiajia can be a model for others to learn from.In just over a year, Chen Jiajia earned enough money to buy a house by live broadcasting.However, long away from home, she will inevitably be homesick.On one live broadcast, she broke down and cried while talking about her mother at home, saying that she missed her so much and didn’t expect to be away from her for so long.Even so, in order to earn more money and let her parents live a better life in the future, Chen Jiajia did not go back home for the time being and continued to stay and struggle.Here, I wish her a smooth career!