On the fifth day of the lunar New Year, he was busy with the image of the city all day, making tourists from other places “cold” and “warm”.

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As a Qingdao citizen, Zhong Dahao, a member of Qingdao’s “Internet Red Sky Group”, pays close attention not only to current events in Qingdao, but also to the mountains and waters of the city.On Feb. 5, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, he was “attracted” by a post on douyin: A female netizen said she had come to Qingdao from other places and encountered a sea of people, fresh seafood and parking charges on the trestle.These three problems in the opinion of Zhong Dahao “very important”, so he immediately reported the situation to the Qingdao Municipal Network information Office, the office immediately reported the situation to the relevant departments in The Southern district.Shinan district called a special meeting of eight departments and rushed to the scene to investigate the parking lot problem reported by the female netizen.In an interview on The afternoon of Feb. 6, the woman said that some of the questions she posted on Douyin were “excessive,” and that she thanked and paid tribute to the relevant authorities for their handling of her complaints.She said that Qingdao is a beautiful city with a developed economy, and she will continue to visit Qingdao, speak for Qingdao and cheer for Qingdao.Zhong Dahao, 22, also likes to use Douyin in his spare time. In addition to spending time with his family during the Spring Festival holiday, he played douyin in his room again on Feb 5.”While brushing, a reflection of Qingdao trestle douyin appeared on the screen.”Chung told reporters that a young woman was in a room talking about “lightning protection”.”From what thunder?I keep looking down.”Mr. Zhong said the woman meant that she had come from out of town to Qingdao’s famous scenic spot, Zhanqiao.On the trestle, she saw a sea of people on the bridge, and not clear water.The sea of people and not clear water, not the woman called the “lightning” focus.In the self-confessed video, the woman also claimed that when she parked her car in a parking lot, there was no parking space in the parking lot, and she asked you to continue to walk in the parking lot. As a passenger, she did not know there was no parking space in the parking lot.When she drove in, she found no parking space. When she drove out of the parking lot, she was charged 10 yuan for parking.The woman said “lightning” three, is the market on the seafood of more than 100 yuan looks very good, the actual upper end to your front is not satisfactory.After describing the above three points, the woman also said that “the experience was too bad”.After watching the one-minute, nine-second video, He couldn’t sit still.”Qingdao has this woman said so bad?””I felt bad at that time,” said Chung, who grew up in Qingdao.”I have always been proud of myself as a member of the Red Sky Group, our Qingdao red Sky group is a love brand emerging from the epidemic, is a new brand of positive energy we media in Qingdao, has been, the red sky group in the spread of Qingdao good voice.”Because of this, Mr. Jong felt obligated to understand what was going on.So, he will reflect this video to Qingdao municipal Party committee network information office.Zhong Dahao said that Qingdao red Sky group is the love brand emerging in the epidemic, is the new brand of positive energy since the media in Qingdao, red sky group is not a person, but a group, has been the network red sky group spread the good voice of Qingdao.The reporter understands, in the interview, also, in view of some net friend dissatisfaction with the tourist, clock and web celebrity big hao days regiment of hao happy members also specially in their netizen group of greeting and tell everyone say don’t scold each other, if feel said the wrong place can explain, but don’t let people feel the Qingdao people don’t let others say a word.Network red sky group member Zhong Dahao municipal Party committee network information office related staff told reporters that they received the situation reflected after a careful look at the video, and the video will be transferred to the city south related departments.The reporter later noticed on the video of this self-statement that the woman’s self-statement was as zhong Dahao told the reporter.For Zhong Dahao, he will reflect the situation to the relevant departments, is a citizen should do the obligation, but also “network red day group” members should have feelings.”In fact, to be honest, I don’t know how relevant departments will deal with the problem after I put it forward.”Mr. Jong said he did not expect several departments to respond so quickly.”The water, perhaps, is not what she imagined,” to a normal person, reflected to the relevant authorities, as the end of the event’s own obligations.But Chung did not do so.”I even went to the pier to see if the water was clear.””What I saw was seagulls flying, but I didn’t understand what the woman called ‘muddy water,'” Mr. Jong said.In The eyes of Chung dae-ho, the sea rises and falls every day, ebb and flow, the clarity of the water may be different, the parties said that the water is cloudy, he really can not understand the mind.Zhong Dahao explained, trestle as Qingdao famous scenic spots, Spring Festival holiday, visitors woven this is very normal, when he went to the Bund in Shanghai every time he went to the Bund, especially the holiday to the Bund, the Bund is also tourist woven, tourists woven difficult to become the bund and trestle fault?”You can come to Qingdao to see the trestle, do you reject others outside the trestle?””It’s a little nitpicking to say that piers are crowded and people look at people,” Mr. Jong said.The woman also mentioned in the video on the trestle on the afternoon of February 6 that “the seafood on the market with more than 100 yuan looks good, but actually the seafood in front of you is not satisfactory”.On that issue, Mr. Chong said he did not know where the woman ate the seafood and that he had not visited.After walking around the pier, He walked to the parking lot that the woman said was nearby.”I asked the toll collector at the gate of the parking lot,” Chung said. “The toll collector told me that if a car enters the parking lot, it will be charged, but if there is any doubt, they can not enter the parking lot.”How to enter the entrance to charge the law, the parking lot gate staff in addition to explain to him, but also to tell him the detailed plan of charging in the entrance of the sign has been published.Chung, who was not driving, looked at the sign carefully and walked into the parking lot.Here, Chung sees a thick line of cars parked for the holiday.Out of the parking lot, Chung got on the subway to go home.The idea to contact the woman on the subway and communicate what he had really seen came to him.”I wanted to tell her that maybe it wasn’t what she had in mind about the wetness of the trestle and what she thought was the muddy water.”Chung told reporters that he tried to contact each other through the Internet.Soon, the two sides made contact and added wechat.In the communication, Zhong Dahao learned that the woman is from Shandong, but not Qingdao, the woman’s age and his own.”Peers have the same mindset.”Mr. Chong said the two communicated very well, and when he explained in detail what he had seen on the trestle about the tourists, the clarity of the water and the seafood, the woman suddenly understood and said she was going to remove the content from Tiktok.On the afternoon of Feb 6, “I felt a sense of accomplishment” when zhong dae-ho, 22, heard that she was going to delete Douyin, beaming with relief.”It was a great feeling of accomplishment.””Who doesn’t love their hometown, who doesn’t love their city?It would be glorious if everyone could do his best for the city!”Soon, the other party will be on the network douyin deleted.”I didn’t know if I should tell the authorities.””After much thought, I reported the news to the relevant authorities,” Chung said.Soon after the message was deleted, perhaps because of the “wrong” details, another 55-second douyin video appeared online.The same woman posted the video.Reporters found in the video, the woman said she did not smear Qingdao, she only said her own opinion.The woman then trembling voice said: For Qingdao, Qingdao refueling this woman said, Qingdao’s economic development is obvious to all, is really very strong.I as a Shandong people really for Qingdao proud, Shouting Qingdao refueling.Summer in the seaside blowing the sea breeze, drinking Tsingtao beer, I personally also like, is really cool very natural.We all hope Qingdao will become better and stronger.It should be said that this story happened on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year when the temporary quiet, but received the news of the relevant departments in the South of the city was not indifferent.”We notified all relevant departments of the situation that afternoon,” said an official from shinan District.The chief says, aiming at the problem of parking fees, led by jiangsu road office on the afternoon of 18, in conjunction with the district party committee propaganda department (district network letter do), area change, area brigade innings, district administrative law enforcement bureau, district market supervision bureau, jiangsu road station and south – road traffic police squadron and other related units, subject to meeting,The problems reflected on the Internet were checked and deployed.The next day, multiple agencies arrived in the parking lot to investigate.On February 6th pier then in the afternoon, the reporter is explained in a situation of parking lot incident on notice that a preliminary screening, reflected in the parking lot, for sure, on the basis of administration of Qingdao city price bureau, Qingdao city, Qingdao city public security bureau about print and distribute “Qingdao city price bureau the measures for the administration of motor vehicle parking fees notice (green premium [2016] no. 1),This parking lot charge standard for the implementation of market adjustment price, by the operator independent pricing.After verification by relevant departments, the parking lot set up obvious signs at the entrance, clearly marked price, clear fee standard, clearly marked into the parking lot that charge, no free parking time and turn around the entrance charge related words, there is no illegal problem.After comprehensive analysis, it is concluded that the parking lot mainly has the following problems: first, the parking lot investment is insufficient.The parking lot has been using the traditional retaining rod mode, without intelligent parking system, resulting in an unclear number of vacant parking Spaces in the parking lot.Second, the parking lot management personnel is insufficient to dredge the vehicles and remind the guidance is not enough, can not provide the number of vacant parking Spaces in time, resulting in individual drivers to enter the site immediately pay the problem;Third, there is only one entrance and exit of the parking lot, but no exit and exit of Laixi Road, resulting in traffic congestion.The official said that in order to solve the problem reported by the netizen, relevant departments will strengthen standardized management in the future, increase the special rectification of parking charges around the trestle, and urge them to rectify within a time limit according to law and regulations.By drawing inferential examples, daily work management and inspection and supervision should be strengthened. Regarding the problem of market price regulation, it is suggested that relevant departments at higher levels conduct a special study, unify the standard with the government price regulation, and form a unified parking lot management system of the city, which is convenient for the overall management and standardized management.Dialogue trembling sound woman: Qingdao is very beautiful, I will continue to Qingdao reporter: excuse me, which day did you come to Qingdao?Female traveler: I went to Qingdao with my family during the Spring Festival. We drove to Qingdao together.Reporter: Have you been to Qingdao before?Female traveler: I have been to Qingdao before, but I know some scenic spots in Qingdao. Trestle is an important scenic spot when I go to Qingdao.Reporter: actually the trestle bridge is very beautiful, many gulls, human gull harmonious coexistence of the scene in China rare.Female tourist: Later that net friend from Qingdao told me something about the difference between high tide and low tide, and maybe the clarity of the sea water. Now I know something about it, but maybe I went too far.The trestle you said is very beautiful, there are many gulls, the scene of harmonious coexistence of human gulls is rare in China, this is indeed true.It was a beautiful scene when tourists fed the seagulls with churros, but some of them fell into the water.Reporter: A famous scenic spot, every important festival, often a lot of tourists, Shanghai bund, is no exception.Female tourist: Yes, you are.(I) shouldn’t read too much into the crowded trestle scene.Reporter: The seafood you say is not satisfactory, is in where?Female traveler: As a matter of fact, the price of seafood has been clearly marked.Reporter: parking lot charge question, let you very displeasure.Female traveler: Yes.In my opinion, parking lots should not be charged.We entered the parking lot was directed by the parking staff, we entered, and there was no parking space, we should come out.But when you show up, you get charged. It doesn’t make sense.Reporter: Have you seen the sign at the entrance of the parking lot?Female traveler: Actually, there’s no time for anyone to pay attention to the stop sign. If they do, my car might get stuck at the entrance for a minute or two, and during the holidays there’s a line of cars behind you.In fact, I think, in addition to setting up signs in the parking lot, there should be a special person to inform the parking people of the main situation, we can not choose to park or choose to park.Reporter: Relevant departments have attached great importance to the question you raised and held an emergency meeting to check it.Female tourist: From this point, we can see that the government has a clear attitude and does not protect problems. This is worthy of recognition.I salute the relevant authorities for their handling of this matter.Reporter: happened this matter, you still can come to Qingdao?Female traveler: I am from Shandong province, my hometown is not far from Qingdao, Qingdao is very beautiful, I will continue to Qingdao.I speak for Qingdao, Come on Qingdao.Reporter: Qingdao thank you, Qingdao welcome you!Source: Peninsula Omnimedia