Hong Kong stock midday review: the three major indexes rose more than 1% technology stocks rebound auto stocks

2022-06-17 0 By

The hang Seng Index rose 1.27% to 24,665 points, the National Index rose 1.51% to 8657 points, and the Hang Seng Technology Index rose 1.92% to 5595 points.Southbound capital inflows of HK $1.53 billion, the market turnover of HK $55.3 billion.On the disk, the weight of technology stocks rebounded sharply, Bilibili up more than 6%, Kuaishou up more than 5%, Alibaba, Meituan up more than 2%, JINGdong, NetEase up more than 1%.Auto stocks rebounded sharply. Hillhouse bought Xiaopeng and Ideal in the fourth quarter. Xiaopeng rose by more than 6% and Ideal rose by 3%.Overnight us stock market surge driven, education stocks stronger, New Oriental -S up more than 8%, New Oriental online up more than 4%;Bank of China Hong Kong rose 5% as us 10-year bond yields rose 2%.Internal insurance stocks, internal banking stocks and other financial sectors rose, China property insurance up 6%;Gaming stocks, infrastructure stocks, housing stocks, tobacco stocks, catering stocks, port stocks and other shares of the collective strength.On the other hand, the Ukraine situation is slow, leading to gold prices fall and international oil prices fall, gold stocks and oil stocks collective callback;Power shares, wind power shares, pork shares collective weakness.