Hengnan County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural areas: help rural revitalization of the situation of rural left-behind children

2022-06-17 0 By

In order to help rural revitalization, help rural students grow up, On January 27, Hengnan County bureau of Agriculture and Rural volunteers to provincial rural revitalization key help village – near The End of the town Yiren village visit condolences to rural left-behind children.The volunteers asked the children about their health, family and learning conditions, and encouraged the children to love reading and read books to enrich their inner world. They also gave them school bags, drawing pen sets and compulsory reading extra-curricular books for the new Chinese curriculum.He also urged his guardians to be confident, have the courage to overcome difficulties, maintain an optimistic and positive attitude towards life, participate in the rural revitalization strategy, and draw the blueprint for rural revitalization together.The event also publicized holiday safety knowledge, called on all sectors of society to pay attention to the group of left-behind children in rural areas, and guided more social forces to participate in rural revitalization through the demonstration of social welfare activities.