Acting PK: Put Zhang Weijian and Wu Zhenyu together, on any account, but the most fried is manjiang

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Before the finals, Go Light!The four teams have released four mini-movies to pay tribute to the heroes. This time, the brothers are not singing and dancing, but acting.This is for Zhang Weijian, Wu Zhenyu several captains, nature is easy to do, but since it is PK game, of course, it should be a superior, points.The film, a tribute to a narco-fighting hero by David Cheung and his team, lacks a bit of sparkle and creativity, but it’s fun to see Yang on the other side of the screen.On the other hand, Wu Zhenyu’s near-future sci-fi micro film “Memory 2037” gave the audience a full surprise. Wu Zhenyu appeared on the first day of the first day, with a few simple expressions and a few lines, which firmly caught the audience’s eye.The texture of the full theater reminds the editor of “Apostle Walker”. Q Sir, criminal Intelligence Division, works in the central control room and makes brilliant decisions.Nikun, Chen Chusheng and other brothers are also impressive in their appearance, playing their respective roles in the team, with each character having its own unique characteristics and skills.The theme caters to the current cosmic upsurge, was unanimously affirmed by the judges, in the acting PK war stand out, win the victory, can be said to be deserved.Zhang Weijian and Wu Zhenyu respectively lead the team, plus are playing a lifetime of old actors, in their own enough into the play at the same time also want to lead other inexperienced brother to participate in the performance.Although Zhang Weijian did his role quickly stand up, but from the original intention of the team, in contrast, Wu Zhenyu, sitting in the Chinese Army, command and dispatch, not let a play to support a role, but with all roles to support the whole play, the completion of the short film is very high, each brother has a sense of participation.Zhang Weijian this battle lose really not injustice, but although two people are very good actors, but the most let the audience unexpected is manjiang eldest brother in “military order” in performance.”Military order” is zhou Xiaoou team work, Manjiang in the film as a resistance to foreign enemies, stationed in the border officers and soldiers.After a fierce fight, the brothers who lived and died died in an arrow, at this time to manjiang multiple close-ups and facial close-ups, the tragic battlefield and the complex emotions of life and death parting, are to be interpreted through facial expressions.This is a great test of an actor’s acting skills.And manjiang accurate hold and control of the need to release the mood, tears in the eyes point to the moment and tears collapse, two very different crying play all show.Who knew there was such a side to the singer of the era?Familiar with his audience, now estimated that the age is not small, in recent years, Manjiang has gradually faded out of the entertainment circle, out of everyone’s sight, now can in “Chasing light!”To hear him sing and see him perform again is definitely a gift of memories for long-time fans.The song “the Wall” showed his life as a singer, outdated is outdated, times change, this is never able to change things.The only constant was his passion for music, which could not stop him from singing with all his might even without an audience.Manjiang broke through the wall, once again stood on the stage, his singing is still so explosive, so infectious, the scene was ignited, the singer shackles is no longer imprisoned, the passage of time.A generation gets older, but music stays young forever.Its vitality will be passed on from generation to generation.Chase the Light!And gave us manjiang in addition to the other side of the singer, we all know that Manjiang once shot drama, there is a certain performance experience.But they are only a handful of small and unimportant roles, but even if it is hard to remember, the short eight-minute film shows his preparation and efforts.With Zhang Weijian, Wu Zhenyu and other veteran actors on the same stage, not weak to the wind, and even become the focus of the audience, not only the emotional interpretation, but also an explanation of their own, the popularity has been lost, the inside is still in.