A Lantern Festival dinner ruined 10 years of marriage

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In a married family, if anyone can understand the grievances and hardships of their daughter-in-law, it is not the husband but the mother-in-law.Because the mother-in-law is also from the daughter-in-law, experienced the daughter-in-law’s hard, experienced the mother-in-law’s difficulties.But most mothers-in-law can’t empathize, instead, they use what they went through to make their daughter-in-law empathize with them.So a lot of daughters-in-law in marriage, often received a lot of mother-in-law set rules, it can be imagined, then the mother-in-law must feel that they have been out, and there is a can also be their own difficulties, by their own people.At this time, the mother-in-law has a mentality of turning over to be the master, but at the same time, she will gradually let her daughter-in-law and her further away.This is why many daughters-in-law can’t stand spending time with their mothers-in-law, but they take it for granted.But in different times, different people should do different things.Li Ming meets such a mother-in-law, but more lamentable is Li Ming still has the husband that does not care about him completely, after contradiction breaks out thoroughly so, Li Ming chose divorce.In the past, Li Ming married Zhao Yi for many years. After marriage, she would go back to her husband’s house almost every festival. As an only child, Li Ming did not think of her parents.Li Ming’s parents do not want to cause conflicts between Li Ming and her husband’s family, so also feel that her daughter usually come to see themselves on the line, the Chinese New Year or go back to accompany the man’s old man.And the support that had parents and understanding, Li Ming also calm much, but what let Li Ming did not think of is, return husband family to celebrate a festival actually so overworked.In addition to the Mid-Autumn Festival before marriage to see parents Li Ming did not work as a guest, after every time back to her husband’s home, the mother-in-law seems to see the savior, directly in the kitchen to Li Ming make all the tasks, he went out and relatives to chat.Li Ming at home did not stem live, return to kitchen, so in the face of in-laws commanded and empowering nature is covered, can both help sister in law and Zhao Yi, they do not think that what’s wrong, especially Zhao Yi unexpectedly also explained to Li Ming, “wife, we do this way is the daughter-in-law family meal, served the family man, you should do as the Romans do.”Zhao Yi all say so, Li Ming can only into the kitchen began to work, and that for I couldn’t stop, after the Mid-Autumn festival, the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, should be in Li Ming packed my own home, then ran back to the husband’s family came and ministered unto the whole family, but with sister in law married with children, the family has gradually increased to 14, but people still only Li Ming a work.This let Li Ming feel very tired, especially Zhao Yi is not considerate of themselves, only their own food and drink, do not remember his wife has come out from the kitchen, there is a hot dish?This also let Li Ming several times and Zhao Yi quarreled, but Zhao Yi did not feel that he had anything wrong, but also feel that Li Ming made a mountain out of a molehill.This let Li Ming gradually can not stand, so in this year’s Lantern Festival, Li Ming had long wanted to go back home.Because Li Ming has been busy a whole Spring Festival, really want to have a good rest for a few days.But Li Ming dared not tell Zhao Yi in advance, so he didn’t bring up his idea until it was time to go back to his husband’s home during the Spring Festival. Zhao Yi frowned at the idea, “When shall we go back to your home for the Lantern Festival?How can I explain it to my parents when you suddenly give me this?”I’m not going to drag you back to my home for the Spring Festival. Your parents won’t object, will they? Besides, you know we’ve been married for so many years, and my parents are getting older and older, SO I just want to go back and have a reunion with them.Li Ming still did not say he did not want to go back to cook, because Li Ming knew Zhao Yi would not understand yourself, it is better to hide.Sure enough, Zhao Yi hesitated a little after hearing it, but looked at Li Ming a little angry, so finally agreed.And after returning to her husband’s house, Li Ming also asked Zhao Yi to explain and in-laws, when the first day, Li Ming asked Zhao Yi, Zhao Yi only hemmed and hazed said parents have no opinion, so Li Ming also put down his heart.Wait until the thirteenth day of the first month, the in-laws went out to visit, Li Ming thought Zhao Yi had said and the in-laws, also straight to pack up things and Zhao Yi went to his own home, the results just arrived before sitting down, the mother-in-law’s phone came over.”What have you two been doing, taking everything?”Listening to the tone of her mother-in-law doubts, Li Ming also cast doubt on Zhao Yi.”Well, I didn’t talk to my parents. They thought we were leaving after 15.”Li Ming was zhao Yi angry to death, and the mother-in-law on the phone is still Shouting, said there are some friends and relatives to come over today, let Li Ming hurry back to cook.Li Ming to her mother’s home how can go again, so directly refused to mother-in-law, and Zhao Yi has some stay, looking at Li Ming determined not to leave together with their own, also a person to go back.After Zhao Yi returned to her husband’s house, her mother-in-law called again, “Why are you so unruly?The Lantern Festival must be at my house, you will come back the day after tomorrow.”Moral kidnapping of her mother-in-law Li Ming was also angry, mother-in-law this didn’t take their own family, is when a free nanny to cook, so Li Ming also said he will accompany his parents through the Lantern Festival, so I hope her mother-in-law can do the 14 people’s meal.Say that finish, Li Ming hung up the phone, and then began to accompany their parents without interruption, until the Lantern Festival that day, Li Ming also specialized with parents to go out to see the lamp, the family beaming, Li Ming also temporarily forget the injustice in her husband’s home.When he went home late at night, Li Ming found that there are a lot of missed calls on his mobile phone, zhao Yi played, mother-in-law played, because the outside people are noisy, so Li Ming has not heard, now just helplessly dial back.However, as soon as I answered the phone, Zhao Yi’s exasperated voice came over, “I know you love your parents dearly, but you can’t do this to our family. Do you know that the 14 people in your family are hungry and wait for you until 10 o ‘clock?Can you stop being selfish?”By Zhao Yi’s indiscriminate criticism, Li Ming’s mood for ten years finally broke out, “I am selfish, you feel conscience and ask yourself, we have been married for ten years, every Chinese New Year, I will go back to your home to your 14 people when the nanny, there is a person care about me tired?Can someone help me in the kitchen?And this time I have spoken to your mother very clear, you still turn the tables on the harrow, I now also clearly tell you, you love hungry hungry, this day I but.”Zhao Yi is frightened by li Ming’s vehemence, tone begins to soften, but Li Ming is really thoroughly chill, and the Li Ming parents of one side also just know the daughter suffers injustice, so begin to support Li Ming’s decision.In this way, because of the Lantern Festival dinner, li Ming and Zhao Yi ruined the entire 10 years of marriage, but also set Li Ming free from waiting on others.People get along with people always pay attention to a heart, and whether husband and wife or mother-in-law, also want to consider each other appropriately.If you only think about your family and your feelings all the time, it will hurt your wife or daughter-in-law, and it will easily affect your marriage.Aren’t Li Ming and Zhao Yi just an example?Li Ming held to a whole ten years in such life, but grievance and fatigue also depressed a whole ten years, because of a small thing of the Lantern Festival, just can meet so, the marriage that lets two people moves toward failure.And in this section of marriage, the mother-in-law is the first wrong person, although the mother-in-law is also such experience before, can be as empathy, should not let Li Ming also have the same life as himself.The main fault is Zhao Yi, as a husband, he did not understand his wife, and did not give his wife the decision.This is the most chilling, when you bear the grievances of the parents to wait on the family, the other person does not care about yourself, as if you are an outsider, a free nanny.Such a life, and how willing to stick to it for a long time, so divorce and feel the best way.