Yuan Qing divorced, always want to emphasize is henan dong Weiwei, if not Henan you will not leave

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Yuan’s divorce was long expected by Internet users.In fact, early in yuan Qing’s words and deeds on the beginning of the hint, always said that she is the national singing, her husband Dong Weiwei is what popular singing.As husband and wife, as long as husband and wife love, with what singing method have what very big relation, can’t a pair of husband and wife must be fond of same ability to go?This is not grounds for divorce.Besides, since you divorced, that is only between Dong Weiwei’s personal matter, do not always put a label in front of Dong Weiwei, insist on saying that dong Weiwei is from Henan, as if the main reason you want to divorce is because Dong Weiwei is from Henan, you must be wrong.Since you did not say the reason for divorce, I might as well help you to analyze the reason for your divorce, said right, see if it can help you, said wrong, you do not angry, when I did not say.First of all you this person is a little arrogant, you even red the coat elder brother all scorn, I do not know your husband in your eyes in a what position?You always think that you have certain achievements in music, won some awards, and are the tenor Yan Weiwen’s favorite student, better than your husband, because your husband is still broke.But if he can be regarded as a good husband in life, you should not abandon him. After all, you have been together for 12 years and have a son and a daughter, which is also worth your pride. You should cherish this hard-won good life.Besides, a while ago you often ran to Brother Overcoat’s house from Henan province, despite the long distance, although you can say it is for the common hobby to find brother Overcoat.But your husband, as a man, must be unhappy to see his wife always singing with other men and making eyes at her.Plus netizens said you in the barrage is a sacrifice of the men, it was called brother you marry coat in the comments, all sorts of rumors circulated in society is not very good, you also should self-reflection, whether I did a little, you on the relationship between the elder brother of the coat also did not deal with, sometimes coat putting to be jealous.The way you went on air, it was like you were accusing Dong weiwei.To say she really want to let you clean body out of the house, this does not have that reason, the net friend all have a little for you bu Bu injustice, you did not steal a person to raise a family again, with what want to punish you one party, only fault one party just can be that way, believe you a always unyielding person impossible so concealed endurance?