Tiger 8 PLUS Kunpeng version of hot selling in a limited time discount of 8000 yuan can test drive

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The Kunpeng version of Ruihu 8 PLUS is equipped with a 2.0TGDI engine of Kunpeng Power, with a maximum power of 187kW and a peak torque of 390N·m. The zero-hundred acceleration only takes 7.3 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100km is as low as 7L. Moreover, ruihu 8 PLUS is equipped with the only lifelong guarantee service in the industry.Also equipped with a rare new generation of electronic control intelligent four-wheel drive.The system provides six modes of economic, ordinary, sports, camping, skiing, cross-country road conditions for consumers to choose.① Cash gift: 8,000 yuan cash red envelope if you order a car ② Financial gift: 3-year zero interest, up to 7,000 yuan financial car purchase subsidy ③ Replacement gift: up to 10,000 yuan subsidy for this product (non-replacement: up to 8,000 yuan subsidy) ④ Additional purchase gift:⑥ Traffic gift: basic traffic free for life (the first owner), entertainment traffic free for the first year (2G/ month) ⑦ Upgrade gift: free OTA upgrade for life ⑧ Warranty gift:By virtue of the three standards of “green materials, healthy ecology, super environmental protection”, The 8 PLUS has won the highest certification of “2020 China Eco-car White Gold Model”.Adhering to the concept of “ecology, environmental protection and health”, we strive to create a healthy space for users with European standard health and environmental protection technology, and comprehensively protect every journey.Buy Chery car, to Hengyang Hongbo more cost-effective!This shop provides one-stop financial installment service, “lightning approval, ultra-low down payment, tailored program, minimal procedures, exclusive consultant” ID card or driver’s license is done!A variety of financial options!Online inquiry to the shop customers can enjoy special discounts, please enter the shop description network inquiry, can enjoy more gift concessions!Welcome to inquire!: Hengyang City Shigu District steam Xiangbei Road Shenjiawan section of progress village bus station.The event will run from April 4, 2022 to April 5, 2022