The number of wild bird species in Chengdu increased to 530 at the opening of the 41st Bird-loving Week

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Red Star News (reporter Li Huiying) April 2, chengdu today, the 41st bird-loving week activities kicked off, this year the theme of the bird-loving week is “protect the sky spirit, share the beautiful home”.During the event, Chengdu Park Urban Construction Management Bureau officially released “Chengdu Bird-watching Guide (4th Edition)” and “Chengdu Wildlife Rescue Guide”.According to the relevant staff of the field protection Office of the Municipal Park City Bureau, the Guide to Bird watching in Chengdu was compiled by the Municipal Park City Bureau and the Chengdu Bird Watching Society, and presented in the form of green space map. The first edition was published in 2007.The guide mainly shows the richness of birds and bird-watching resources in Chengdu, provides guidance for bird monitoring and other work, and provides information support for related work volunteers, bird-watching enthusiasts, ecotourism and nature education institutions and people.According to the chengdu Bird-watching Association, “Chengdu Bird-watching Guide” has been popular with the public since its release. Since 2007, chengdu bird-watching map has been revised twice, and information related to Chengdu bird-watching has been updated many times.In recent years, with the continuous promotion of urban construction of Chengdu Park, the ecological environment of the city has been further improved, and more and more bird-watching sites are suitable for citizens. Therefore, the fourth edition has been revised and edited according to the actual needs.This edition is the chengdu birding guide on the basis of the former 3 edition, will recommend birding point range from urban growth in the districts and counties, based on the view point of maturity, bird richness and bird kind of representative, observe the degree of difficulty, traffic convenience and so on five aspects of the comprehensive evaluation, the final determinations in chengdu 45 the best bird observation point to recommend to friends.Qinglonghu-jade Park, Wangjiang Campus of Sichuan University, Huanhuaxi Park-Dufu Cottage, Liangfengya Of Longquan Mountain, Dayi Xiling Snow Mountain are the best bird-watching spots in Chengdu. Besides, Chengdu Botanical Garden, Beihu Park and other important bird-watching spots are also available.Chengdu Wildlife Shelter Rescue Guide is a concise manual for the use of wildlife shelter rescue institutions in Chengdu.The guidelines clearly define the scope, principles and requirements of wildlife rescue, and explain in detail the rescue procedures, emergency handling, wildlife shelter and transportation, and common treatment and treatment procedures for the release of rehabilitated animals.The guide has a guiding role in standardizing the scientific management of the reception and rescue institutions, improving the business level of the reception and rescue institutions, and answering common questions in the rescue process.This activity also released the theme of bird-loving week posters and leaflets, aiming to provide citizens with scientific methods to help trapped wild animals and establish scientific and correct concept of wildlife rescue for the public.It is understood that at present, chengdu has recorded the number of wild bird species increased to 530, in the national bird survey data release among the largest cities.