Manchester United VS Atletico Atletico Ajax VS Benfica in the Champions League

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The championship:Blackburn rovers v Derby Blackburn is currently fifth championship team, the team’s ability is very strong, at home to 19 games in the home only four games, performance is quite stable, but the team itself although goal ability is strong, but because of main strikers, brill’s absence, fire fell, the defensive problems also gradually amplifier,And judging by recent performances, that question remains unresolved.At Derby county is the team championship ranked 23rd, the rankings will fall behind very much, the team is still strong and Derby county is the main guest weak team, the team at present only two games to win on the road, state is very poor, but two recent slump teams collision together, there is always some interesting things happened, so this can watch the Blackburn,But be careful to make peace.The championship:From west brom v fulham, west brom, over the past two rounds of unbeaten, successful rebound, morale recovered to a certain extent, the end previous 6 minus one flat bad, but I think the team is not enough in front of fulham, fulham at 77 points in the championship now 1, leading the team mitt los, 35 goals in 36, 7 assists,Have contributed almost every game, now the striker scored a goal in the competition, price is higher, and this is why the fulham in the first 20 points lead, also so spell, and the two teams meet for the first time this season, is this the same data, west brom are 3-0, this I still think fulham to three points.The Champions League stars:Manchester united VS atletico Madrid according to the Manchester united manager according to Nick, lang Luke shaw and B fee physical condition still exists certain questions, and cristiano ronaldo is in the middle age is 37, physical strength is not a young man, and the state is not very stable, the team is not good recently, defensive quality is poor, two conceded six goals, want to know first leg against atletico Madrid is start to throw the ball,Atletico won three games in a row after a first-leg draw with Manchester United.The team are unbeaten in their last five games, their form and confidence have improved, and on this trip I think Atletico may be able to defend the drag to the first penalty shootout of the Champions League, and play safe with nirvana.Most stats start with Ajax scoring 1.25 or 1.5, and then go up to ajax scoring 1.5.Considering ajax’s recent ups and downs in form and goalscoring ability, and the impact of not winning the first leg.This is a good support for Ajax.Subsequent adjustments on the confidence is still increased, but carefully think, Ajax is really stable into the 4 strong?I don’t think so, better than Bayern, Manchester City can make mistakes, it’s the same tier 1 team against tier 2 team, why benfica can’t stand?And Benfica’s heading tactics have certain advantages against Ajax, so THIS game I choose to stand on the opposite side of most people, when a Benfica fan.