How to get along with a guy so he doesn’t misunderstand that you like him

2022-06-16 0 By

Pride is here to help you out.I’ll tell you how to be a guy so you don’t get the wrong idea.One, do not accept any gifts of love from him.When he gives you roses and chocolates for your birthday or Valentine’s Day, he firmly refuses.Try not to hurt his face, and very politely refused.Two, AA, friends eat together or go out to play, the firm implementation of AA pay, do not take advantage of him.Leave him no choice, after all, as the old saying goes, a short hand is a soft tongue.Three, take pictures, we go out to play together can take pictures, but absolutely not you two alone.Four, travel, not to go out alone, refers to the two of you together to go shopping or travel.(don’t give him the chance to get along with each other) five, meet elders, if he asks you to his home to meet his parents do not go, if you go to let him misunderstanding.Help. Don’t accept his help easily.If you really need help and he helps you, you can have dinner with a few friends afterwards to express your gratitude.