Consumption alert for 2022 Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year

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The 2022 Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year are just around the corner. Shopping, parties and other consumption will reach a new peak, and epidemic prevention and control will also enter a key period. In order to enable consumers to enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the Market Supervision Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region 12315 advises you:On the premise of COVID-19 prevention and control, safe, rational and healthy consumption, beware of all kinds of consumption traps.1. Festival travel, safety first.As the most important traditional festival for Chinese people, the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year travel, whether visiting relatives and friends, family reunion or travel, should be safety first.Consumers who travel by car should do a good job of vehicle condition inspection and travel route planning in advance, especially pay attention to the weather conditions along the journey, and make full safety preparations for special weather and other factors.When going out to play, children should be placed in the line of sight of adults to ensure the safety of the journey.Consumers who choose group travel should choose regular travel agencies with complete qualifications and consciously resist “unreasonable low price tour” to avoid being cheated because of cheap desire.2. Book New Year’s Eve dinner or eat out: Choose the venue, clear details, civilized dining.”Eat New Year’s Eve dinner, reunion”, many catering enterprises have launched a variety of New Year’s Eve dinner booking business.The Market Supervision Administration of The Tibet Autonomous Region has warned consumers to prepare for the lunar New Year’s Eve dinner in advance and book ahead if they want to eat out, to tighten food safety.Choose a complete, standardized management of the hotel booking, pay attention to the difference between “deposit” and “deposit”, when the need to sign a written contract, pay attention to whether there are unreasonable terms and liability for breach of contract.3. Be alert to the epidemic and raise awareness of prevention and control.This winter, the epidemic spread to many places, the prevention and control situation is complicated.Improve safety awareness, minimize unnecessary outings and avoid gathering activities.Do need to go out shopping, had better buy nearby.Take good personal protection in shopping malls, supermarkets and other crowded shopping places, consciously wear masks, cooperate with the staff to take temperature measurement, nucleic acid test, health code and travel code scanning.Insist that there is no need not to travel to medium-high risk areas.4. Beware of consumer fraud and keep your shopping vouchers.Consumers in shopping, dining out, should pay attention to whether operators are marked;When consumers consume, they should pay attention to whether the merchants have fictitious original price and false discounts;Whether there is actual discrepancy between the price list price and the discount range, failure to fulfill or incomplete performance of price commitments, etc.;Pay attention to not labeling or vague labeling of price conditions and other behaviors.Consumers should pay attention to retain invoices, receipts and other vouchers, so that when rights and interests are damaged, it is convenient to protect their rights.5. The Spring Festival of 2022 is still in the period of epidemic prevention and control. In terms of food safety, the following points should be done: first, keep clean.Second, separate raw and cooked.Three, it should be cooked thoroughly.Fourth, we should preserve food scientifically.Fifth, food raw materials are reliable.6. During the Spring Festival, it is inevitable that there will be a large number of people and logistics, thus increasing the risk of the spread of the epidemic.In order to avoid infection with novel coronavirus, “three don ‘ts” should be observed as far as possible.One is to try not to flow.Non-essential travel is advised.If you have to travel, you should comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, especially take good personal protection during the journey.Second, try not to contact the purchase of New Year goods.It is suggested to adopt more non-contact shopping and payment methods such as online and scanning code payment.Wear a mask when shopping in shopping malls or supermarkets.Third, try not to dine out.Advocate eating at home instead of dining out;Avoid going out as much as possible, change clothes and wash hands in time after going home;Keep your home clean and ventilated.Xizang 12315 reminds consumers to follow your lead if their legitimate rights and interests are infringed, please call 12315 in time or defend your legitimate rights and interests by logging in to National 12315 wechat mini program, public account, App and other formal ways.Source: Lhasa