Zhang Hongxiang, NPC deputy: Offering good policies for “oasis beyond the Wall”

2022-06-15 0 By

Over the past year, DEPUTIES to the National People’s Congress and members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) listened to the voices of the people, looked into their concerns, pooled their wisdom, addressed their concerns, pooled their strength, and made suggestions and suggestions, forming numerous motions, proposals, and suggestions, and delivering satisfactory answers to the people in their performance of their duties.Economic Daily has opened a column titled “Stories of Deputies and members’ Performance of duties” to focus on the missions and responsibilities of deputies and members and show their performance of duties.”You yuxiang and beauty, fresh mutton on the ridge…”In a burst of color ringtones, the reporter dialed the mobile phone of NPC deputy Zhang Hongxiang.Zhangqianhuling village, Youyu County, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province is a traditional sheep raising village. The mutton produced here is of high quality and tastes delicious.In order to promote the development of local sheep industry and become the leader of the comprehensive rural revitalization strategy, Zhang Hongxiang, director of The Village committee of Zhang Qianhuling Village and chairman of Zhang Qianhuling Breeding Professional Cooperative, led the establishment of Xianghe Lingshang Group and proposed to build the whole industry chain of the brand of “Xianghe Lingshang Right Jade Sheep meat” according to local conditions.Zhang Hongxiang told reporters, “Xianghe Mountain has completed a total fixed investment of 150 million yuan, has formed a whole industry chain mode, annual output value of more than 100 million yuan.”As a deputy to the National People’s Congress, Zhang hongxiang has been concerned about rural development and farmers’ income over the past few years, and has actively promoted the solution of problems in agricultural development.”The people choose me as their representative, so I have to focus on the development of the people.”Hong-xiang zhang said, he actively visit, in-depth village, watch collection, seriously listen to the voice of the villagers, puts forward some Suggestions for these years are “published”, of local government put forward such as his guide to promote land circulation work, deal with outbreak of COVID – 19 key support agricultural industry development, solve the funding sources, etc, for the development of facilities agriculture,Relevant departments gave a public reply on the official website.Zhang’s proposals also include promoting the development of yanmenguan farming-pastoral ecotone, strengthening and accelerating financial support for agricultural modernization, comprehensive rectification of wind farms, and a high-speed rail line from Hohhot to Shuozhou to Taiyuan.”Most of these suggestions have been taken seriously and adopted, and I believe that under the background of rural revitalization, the countryside will develop better and better!”Zhang Hongxiang said.Youyu County was once a “barren land”, through the efforts of generations of old folks, it has become today’s “oasis beyond the walls”.In the process of developing sheep raising industry, how to deal with the relationship between ecological protection and breeding industry, so that clear waters and green mountains always exist?Hong-xiang zhang think about it, to be on the premise of ecological civilization construction and advocating ecological rotational grazing, adopt scientific “smart Seine improved + + pasture drip self-restraint and supplementary feeding breeding methods, construction of rainwater collection system, water up the hill, will not be suitable for farming slope into intelligent round pasture, the mountain vegetation can kind of seabuckthorn etc hardy drought-tolerant, protect soil and water conservation, improve the grazing capacity,In order to promote the high-quality development of the industry, to achieve sustainable management of enterprises.Hong-xiang zhang said that in promoting rural revitalization, going green, sustainable development, adhere to adjust measures to local conditions, step by step, the topography, climate condition, soil structure and the combination of modern technology, such as rainwater collection, water diversion for irrigation, soil improvement, quality control, mechanical work, such as digital back together, produce more and better hay.(Economic Daily – China Economic Network reporter Li Wanxiang)